Part of the “Strategy Guide” series, this book is the perfect tool for the collector or investor of Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Jeff Ambio presents his seasoned knowledge and insightful tips for the most beneficial collecting and investing tactics. Ambio’s work on Walking Liberty Half Dollars is one of a kind — the only book available on the subject — and offers a complete and up-to-date guide to smart collecting and investing Walking Liberty Halves.

This book consists of detailed analyses of each Business Strike from 1916-1947 and Proof Issues from 1936-1942. Strike, luster, rarity analysis, pricing data, prices realized and significant examples are examined and each coin is imaged in a high-resolution format for sharp detailed photos.

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* ISBN-10: 1-933990-17-1
* ISBN-13: 978-1-933990-17-0
* Edition: 1
* Publication Year: June 2008
* Binding / Size: Paperback 7×10
* Photos / Illustrations: 150 B&W images
* Pages: 200