Eagle Eye Rare Coins

My first book, “Flying Eagle and Indian Cents” came out in 1992 and was an immediate success. My interest in coins dated back to  1972, and I has been a senior numismatist for a dozen years before starting Eagle Eye Rare Coins, Inc. in July of 1993. It was an easy and natural choice to specialize in Flying Eagle and Indian Cents.

rick_snowHowever we knew that too many coin dealers conducted their business to the detriment of coin collectors . We were committed that we would do everything in our power to make our dealings with collectors fair to all involved. This meant fair pricing in both buying and selling, accurate grading, and maintaining a free flow of critical information such as pricing.

Grading and pricing go hand in hand. To make a buy sell market you have to define what it is that you are buying and selling. We were not going to buy and sell all NGC and PCGS graded coins at the same price. Their quality and grading has varied too much over the years and there was no consistency. To address the issue, in 1995 we started Photo Seal.

photo_sealPhoto Seal is a way to make the collector of Flying Eagle and Indian Cents better able to grade consistently and buy and sell coins on a more level playing field. We attach a label to the NGC and PCGS slabs and issue a laminated photo and signature card which states that we have looked at the coin and agree with the grade on the holder. Our buy price for Photo Sealed coin is set at a minimum of 75% of the retail list price. Simple – Revolutionary.

Over the years since I have had the pleasure of building many of the finest collections of Indian Cents, and many of these great collections have since been sold through Eagle Eye. That is the ultimate compliment for any collector.



Rick Snow, owner