Interviewer: David Lisot
Christine Karstedt: 1873-CC Dime, Ian Russell: 2009 gold High Relief, Lyn Knight: 1865 $10 Compound Interest banknote, Bob Harwell: toned 1882-S toned Morgan, Kathleen Duncan: set of Oregon Trail commemoratives, Fred Weinberg: 1996 commemorative coin die, Joel Rettew: 1885-CC GSA Morgan dollar, Larry Shepherd: 1925 Norse Medal in silver & gold, Raul Seymour: 1997 silver Chinese Wedding 5 oz, David Hunt: 1781 bronze Libertas Americana medal, and Harry Miller: silver shekel of Tyre.

See some of the “coolest” coins from the Long Beach Expo presented by top dealers at the show.

Runtime: 8:48

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The Long Beach Coin Expo is the largest coin show on the West Coast and sets the market mood for the country. Hear from some of the dealers who come from across America to trade coins in California as they share how business is going at the Expo.

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