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20 New ANA-Releases 2019 from CIT Coin Invest AG

CIT – Coin Invest AG  proudly presents its large and diverse collection of new releases in Chicago. The 20 new coins span such a wide range of topics, shapes, and designs, that any collector is sure to find his or her new favorite collection piece. All new releases will be available for wholesale orders during the show. As a collector please contact your favorite shop regarding delivery times.


One year ago, CIT launched the first officially licensed AC/DC coins. We did not expect rock and coin fans worldwide to make this memorabilia series such a huge success. No doubt this collection needs to be extended and so we added four extraordinary pieces. Beside a special shaped guitar pick (no Hard Rock without an electric guitar) the master piece of the new AC/DC releases is The Razors Edge coin.

Check out the Proof finish that is expertly colored in just the right spots and a mind-blowing high relief based on our smartminting© technology is a modern 3D version of the original album cover. This Razors Edge coin is on the cutting edge of minting Technology!

Edelweiss – Mountain Star

The Edelweiss is one of the most famous but also most endangered plants of the Alps. It is protected from picking by hikers in most areas. This botanic rarity, a symbol of mountains and untouched nature, can also be found in Mongolia, the issuing country.

The Edelweiss represents attributes like courage, loyalty, and community. Also well known as the main theme from the famous musical/film hit Sound of Music. This high relief shaped coin in smartminting© technology with antique finish makes a wonderful gift that is a little treasure to protect.

The 7 Summits 2019 – Kilimanjaro

Welcome to Africa and the fourth stop of our journey to the Seven Summits. The Kilimanjaro is considered to be the highest freestanding solid rock on earth and probably one of the best known mountains around the world.

This impressive piece will be minted in highly detailed, three dimensional topographic relief reflecting the green savanna, pure volcanic rock up to the ice covered summit with a refined partial color application. This coin captures contrasts and uniqueness with outstanding smartminting© effects.

Magnificent Life 2019 – Philippine Eagle

The 2019 edition of this series is dedicated to the Philippine Eagle. Hardly visible from the Ground its kingdom is up in the treetops of the Philippine rainforest. Unfortunately this magnificent creature is listed as one of the 12 most endangered species.

The three-dimensional smartminting© relief combined with a concave shape generates the impression of an outstanding beak. A glossy finish of the eagle eyes are a highlight of this partially colored coin and will give you a thrill once you look at it.

Meteorite Impacts 2019 – Estacado

The 2019 edition of this series is dedicated to Estacado, a 290 kg (640 pounds) weighing meteorite which was found in 1883 in Hale County, Texas. Have a look at the details of this specially shaped coin. The cut-out tail and an authentic piece of this meteorite create an amazing dynamic visualization.

For the FIRST-TIME-EVER, CIT has struck this impressive coin out of a special Titanium and Silver alloy, which gives this an out-of-this-world look! This amazing piece is also the largest of the series and measures an impressive 50 mm in diameter without increasing the ½ oz. Get yourself a piece of the extraterrestrial meteorite embedded on an unique and exceptional coin.

Evolution of Life 2019 – Sinraptor

The latest ANA release out of our Evolution of Life series can be considered as a dinosaur baby as the Sinraptor was discovered “just” 32 years ago. Find this prehistoric killer on an impressively detailed high relief coin, plated in rose gold on an antique finish rock matrix background. All previous releases of this series are already sold out.

Beside these impressive additions to successful collections the ANA releases also include some very new appealing eye catcher. The cute golden shaped Little Ghost, a silver Guardian Angel struck three-dimensionally and also a red gilded Ounce of Luck will offer some exciting gift giving opportunities. Due to the huge success of former releases CIT also continues to expand its range of skulls with two Biker Skulls.

See all 20 new CIT coins released at ANA 2019 here.


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