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2012 Australian Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

The Perth Mint unveils the new designs for the 2012 Australian Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Program.

Issued as Australian legal tender, these gold and silver coins are for investors who want to buy bullion and collectors who want precious metal coins with annual design changes.

Struck from 99.99% pure gold and 99.9% pure silver in a wide variety of sizes, the Program comprises the Australian Kangaroo, Australian Kookaburra, Australian Koala and Australian Lunar coin series.

For availability dates please see: http://www.perthmintbullion.com/blog/blog/11-08-24/2012_Australian_Gold_and_S…

2012 Australian Gold and Silver Bullion Coins


The Perth Mint manufactures a range of gold and silver coins and bars to suit all types of investors, from the 1,000oz (31kg) silver bar to the 1/20oz (1.5g) gold coin. The Perth Mint’s coins are valued for their high quality finish and purity.  Their legal tender status means their precious metal content is guaranteed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.  The smaller coins have limited mintages, giving potential for a numismatic premium to develop and their wide distribution makes them internationally recognised, facilitating easy purchase and liquidation.

The Perth Mint’s bars appeal to investors looking for the lowest possible fabrication premiums.  The 1,000oz silver bars are numbered, giving additional security.  These bars are internationally recognised and tradable without the need for assay.

History of the Perth Mint


The history of The Perth Mint started with the founding of the Perth branch of Britain’s Royal Mint in 1899. At the time, gold sovereigns and half sovereigns were used throughout the British Empire as everyday circulating coins and it was the Royal Mint’s responsibility to supply them. It remained under British ownership until 1970 when control passed to the Western Australian Government, who owns it to this day.

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