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American Eagle coins are the official bullion of the United States. They have been minted annually since their first release in 1986 after it was authorized by the Gold Bullion Act of 1985. These stunning coins are designed to provide investors with a cost-effective and convenient way to add great amounts of bullion to their investment portfolios. Being legal tender means that the coin’s weight, content and purity is certified and guaranteed by the United States government. The U.S. Mint American Eagle series is one of the most collectible in the world, produced in three versions: silver, gold, and platinum. In fact, since their first launch American Eagles have become one of the leading series of bullion investment options. Also this coin is eligible for your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), making American Eagles an impressive addition to any precious metals portfolio.

American Eagles are available in three precious metals versions: Gold American Eagles, Silver American Eagles, and Platinum American Eagles.

The 2017 Gold American Eagle is struck from .9167 fine (22-karat) gold and comes in four different denominations of 1 troy ounce ($50), ½ troy ounce ($25), ¼ troy ounce ($10) and 1/10 troy ounce ($5). The obverse design is based on the Augustus Saint-Gaudens artwork for the 1907 Double Eagle, featuring Lady Liberty in front of Capitol building, walking confidently against the sun’s rays, and holding the fiery torch in her right hand and an olive ranch in the left. The reverse presents a male American bald eagle in flight, carrying an olive branch to his nest, where a female awaits with her young one.

The 2017 Silver American Eagle is produced of 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and has a denomination of $1 dollar. The obverse design depicts Adolph A. Weinman’s design showing Lady Liberty draped in an American flag, walking gracefully as the sun rises over a ridge. The reverse shows a heraldic eagle with 13 small stars below, representing the original colonies.

The 2017 Platinum American Eagle is minted from .9995 fine Platinum, with the 1 troy ounce coin weight and an impressive face value of $100 dollars. The obverse design bears an elegant portrait of the Statue of Liberty, completed with the inscriptions “LIBERTY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and “2017.” It’s been the same platinum coin obverse since the first release. The reverse presents the American Eagle, flying among America with a rising sun on the background.

The American Eagle design provides historical and patriotic symbolism: Lady Liberty is internationally known as an image of Hope, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness and the American Eagle presents the strength and security of the United States of America.

The U.S. Mint is offering these amazing coins in Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated conditions, providing a very detailed design, a frosted finish, and a mirror-like field.

American Eagles are highly appreciated among both collectors and investors for their patriotic symbolism and high quality backed by the U.S. government with great liquidity and exclusive production technologies. Since first launched, the U.S. Mint has issued millions of American Eagle coins and has proved that this timeless collection will never go out of style.

Browse our entire collection of the American Eagles and add these coins as an intelligent investment addition to your portfolio, with overwhelming demand getting higher year after year.

The real American heritage 2017 American Eagles are now available for pre-order from Bullion Exchanges!

This U.S. Mint American Eagle series is one of the most collectible in the world, produced in three versions: silver, gold and platinum. The weight and purity are guaranteed by the United States government.

In 2016 American Eagles celebrated the 30th anniversary of mintage, and in 2017 you can add to your collection the first issues of a new decade!

Even though the gold, silver and platinum versions have different designs, they all provide historical and highly praised patriotic motifs: the Lady Liberty is the worldwide symbol of Hope, Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness and the American Eagle presents the strength and security of the United States.

These coins are also produced in both Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated conditions. The U.S. Mint uses a specialized minting process for Proof coins, that provides detailed images, a frosted finish, and a mirror-like field. To create the Uncirculated American Eagles the mint practices the coining press, struck on specially burnished blanks and add the “W” mint mark of the West Point facility.

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