2017 Guardian Angel Silver Coin Inaugurates New Series from Gainesville Coins


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The newest exclusive from Florida-based coin dealer Gainesville Coins has just arrived – the 2017 Guardian Angel Silver Coin. The first in a brand-new annual series, the Guardian Angel coin consists of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver.

The Design

The reverse feature the eponymous angel wrapping the bottom of her wings protectively around a boy. She appears to be comforting him as much as she is protecting him, and the child’s expression and body language reveal worry but also relief as he looks up at his guardian. A dove in mid-flight is seen to either side of the duo. The inscription GUARDIAN ANGEL curves along the top of the side, while the purity and weight are found along the bottom rim. A representation of the Sun, replete with a multitude of sharp rays not unlike those found on another numismatic expression of hope, Augustus Saint-Gaudens‘ classic $20 double eagle gold coin, rises from a billowy cloud behind the two figures.

The entire design is brought into a beautiful contrast by the Proof-like field.

Legal tender in Niue, the obverse features the famous fourth portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II facing right, as designed by Ralph Maklouf. Starting from the left side of the coin, the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, NIUE and the face value of ONE DOLLAR wrap around the rim clockwise. Beneath the truncation of Her Majesty’s bust is the year of issue, 2017. This side is also manufactured with a Proof-like finish.

The edge of the 2017 Guardian Angel silver coin is reeded.

Working with Niue

CoinWeek was curious how the partnership between Gainesville Coins and one of the smallest nations on the planet worked, so we asked Mr. Millman directly.

He stated that the design for the coin was created in-house at Gainesville Coins but that it had to be submitted to the Niuean government, who reserved the right to approve or deny the design based on their own thematic criteria.

The company then worked out a maximum mintage (in the case of the 2017 issue, only 100,000 pieces will be produced), and once that was settled, a royalty rate for Niue was agreed upon.

But perhaps the most intriguing detail that Millman revealed was that a stipulation of the Niuean government was that a specimen coin be sent back to the island for inclusion in their coinage museum – similar to the United States Mint and its Mint Cabinet of old.

The Future

gainesville-coinsAs mentioned above, the 2017 silver Guardian Angel–exclusive to Gainesville Coins–is the first in an intended series of coins struck in conjunction with the island nation of Niue. And, according to Gainesville spokesman Everett Millman, the company is taking a cue from the Chinese Panda bullion program and may change the reverse with each new issue in the annual series. Such a move would, says Millman, “add some originality and create a beautiful set for collectors.”

And speaking of collectors, Millman is confident that the low mintage, the aesthetic quality of the design and the extremely low premium over the spot price of silver will make this a successful launch for the new program. “It’s a great opportunity for someone to find an entry point into the hobby,” Millman said, “because the spot premium is priced below comparable bullion coins and even a lot of generic silver.”

At the time of publication, the 2017 Guardian Angel coin was going for as little as $1.29 USD over spot.

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