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22nd Edition of Gadoury’s Monnaies Françaises Now Available


By Éditions Victor Gadoury….

There are some books coin collectors can’t imagine doing without. The Gadoury Rouge is one of them, dealing with French coins struck between 1789 and 2015. Its 22nd edition was completely revised and significantly enlarged. It now contains more than 100 new pages, yet for the same price.

Every collector of French coins knows the Gadoury Rouge. On 560 pages, it contains a complete price guide for all French coinage made between 1789 and 2015, covering areas like Monaco, Corsica and the Saarland as well.

The book’s great forte is its clarity, its lavish illustrations and the fact that many specialists volunteer to work on particular areas of expertise, creating a catalog that is based on state-of-the-art research.

Every new edition, therefore, contains much more than a ‘mere’ price adjustment to current market conditions.

The 22nd edition was completely revised as regards the following subjects:

  • Coins prior to the introduction of the franc in 1795
  • Newly added: Coinage of Napoleon in Italy, with a great number of hitherto unedited variants
  • French commemorative coins between 1989 and 2001
  • French euro gold and silver commemorative coins struck between 2001 and 2015, including all mintages
  • Coinage of Monaco: introduction of a completely new typology of the sol de billon of Antonio I

Other new aspects of this edition:

  • More than 500 additional photos with many close-up details
  • More than 100 additional pages
  • Entirely new numbering of French commemorative coins after 1989
  • Entirely new numbering of Monegasque coins

What remains unaltered is the price. For only 29 euros the extensive standard work on French coinage, spanning 560 pages, is obtainable from www.gadoury.com or

Éditions V. Gadoury
Le Panorama
57 rue Grimaldi, 98000

Office: 00377 93 25 12 96
E-mail: [email protected]

Please note: The book will be delivered to Europe and Overseas per FEDEX.

Monnaies françaises 1789-2015. Éditions Victor Gadoury, Monaco, 2015. 22nd edition. 567 pages with full colour illustrations throughout. Hardcover, 15 x 20.7 cm. ISBN: 2-906602-41-8. 29 euros.

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