40th Anniversary Book of Royal French Coins Available From Editions Gadoury

40th Anniversary Book of Royal French Coins Available From Editions Gadoury

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The 40th anniversary edition of Monnaies Royales Françaises, 1610-1792, by Francesco Pastrone, a standard reference book on the coins of the Kings of France beginning with Louis XIII (1610) and ending at the French Revolution, has been released and is now available to collectors in North America with delivery in the middle of January. Its updated format has a tabular presentation of French Royal coins arranged by reign. They then go by denomination from the lowest value to the highest, starting with bronze coinage, then silver, and finally gold, with rarity scales and entirely revised euro prices in three conditions.

Numerous new coins have been added, along with nearly 300 new photos. Prices are entirely revised. The 376 page, 5.9 x 8¼ inch, French language book is hard bound and costs $49.50. It is published by Editions Gadoury of Monaco.

This is the fifth edition of a book that is known colloquially as “Gadoury White”. The fourth edition was published in 2012, making this six-year gap the shortest between editions. The author explains in the Introduction that the trend in prices during the last five years, especially for coins in exceptional quality or of great rarity, reached levels that were previously unthinkable. At the same time, the market has been quiet for lower quality coins, so prices have been cut in B (Beau or Very Good), TB (Trés Beau or Fine) and sometimes even in TT B (Trés Trés Beau or Very Fine).

For the first time, there are some prices listed with MS-type grade designations. The new book is a more accurate reflection of the market.

Editorial modifications include several dozen newly confirmed or discovered coins, the reclassification of some badly cataloged ones, especially from the reign of Louis XIII, and the inclusion of several unpublished coins of Louis XIV.

The book may be ordered from the Coin & Currency Institute, P.O. Box 399, Williston, Vermont 05495. $5.75 should be added to each order for shipping and handling in the U.S.A. Canadian orders will be billed actual postage cost. Major credit cards are accepted. Call toll-free 1-800-421-1866. Fax: (802) 536-4787. E-mail: [email protected].

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