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80th Anniversary of the Start of World War II Commemorated by Pobjoy Mint

This year marks the 80th anniversary since the start of the Second World War, which lasted from 1939 to 1945 involving countries across the globe. To mark this anniversary, Pobjoy Mint has released a new One Crown coin on the behalf of Ascension Island that is dedicated to this historic occurrence. The war directly involved more than 100 million people across 30 countries, with the vast majority of the world’s countries (including all of the superpowers) forming two opposing military alliances known as the Allies and the Axis.

The instability within Europe and unstable Germany saw Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party rearm the nation and sign strategic treaties with Italy and Japan to try and position himself at the forefront of world domination. The invasion of Poland in 1939 was the catalyst in Great Britain and France declaring war on Germany. The Second World War was the most devastating and cruelest seen in mortal history, with fatalities going beyond 50 million – most of whom were civilian.

During World War II, to strengthen and supply patrol operations ongoing from the early days of the war, an airbase was built on Ascension Island that was known as “wideawake”. The name came from a nearby colony of terns that were locally called ‘wideawake’ birds because of their loud chatter. The airfield was used by the United States Military as a stopping point for the aircraft between crossing the Atlantic Ocean on the way to Europe and Africa.

The coin is entitled “1939. The Second World War .1945”, the dates of when the war both started and finished. The design of the coin features soldiers at the forefront of the battleground with a representation of all the vehicles used in the war, such as the warships, tanks and Lancaster planes.

The obverse of the coin features the exclusive Pobjoy Mint effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The coin is available in Unc. Cupro Nickel and Proof Sterling Silver.

Coin Specifications

Metal: Proof Sterling Silver, Cupro-Nickel
Diameter: 38.60 mm
Weight: 28.28 g
Issue Limit: Silver: 2,000; Cu-Ni: 10,000


The Sterling Silver coin is protected by an acrylic capsule and then packaged in a beautiful red box and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The Unc. Cupro Nickel coin is shipped raw in tubes.

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