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A Film For Gold and Silver Enthusiasts on Hard Money

Is it possible to combine doom and gloom, sound money, good versus evil, shootouts, a creative plot and animation? That’s a summary of Silver Circle, the new film from Two Lanterns Media.

The Federal Reserve celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, and America’s central banker has gone from an under the radar entity to a much more scrutinized power behind the throne in recent years thanks largely to former Texas congressman Ron Paul. Silver Circle takes it to the next level and casts the Fed as the villain of the economic collapse of 2019.

silver_circleGas is $152 a gallon, and life has become a miserable existence for most Americans. This inflationary debacle was caused by the Fed creating huge amounts of fiat (unbacked by gold or silver) money, a process that has taken place hundreds of times throughout history, and always with the same end result. Is anybody opposing the “bankster” cartel?

One rebel group engages in the ultimate act of defiance: they mint silver rounds. This is the equivalent of exposing the monetary vampire to a big dose of sunlight. Add some arson attacks on Federal Reserve-owned property to the plot, and it’s time for investigator Jay Nelson to find out more about the opposition on orders from powerful Fed chairman Victor Brandt. He discovers a thriving and spirited resistance movement.

Rebel leader Zoe Taylor uses her charms to catch Nelson’s attention, and the Federal Reserve investigator begins to question his beliefs. Nelson digs into the arson, but finds much more than he expected when he uncovers Brandt’s murderous track record. Nelson switches sides after Brandt’s goons murder his father. The rebels win out in the end when Brandt is arrested and the Federal Reserve is exposed for all to see.

It’s safe to say that no film has ever combined the plot and elements found in Silver Circle. Director Pasha Roberts spoke about how the idea became a reality.

“We’ve been working on this for four years,” he said. “We decided to make a full-scale movie about the next economic collapse after what happened in 2008.”

Roberts carefully thought out the economic elements in Silver Circle.

“We didn’t do hyperinflation,” he said. “Dinner for two is $1000. A beer is $110. A screenwriter in L.A. did most of the dialog. He had the first-hand experience of living through hyperinflation in Argentina.”

Not surprisingly, this free market-oriented film was put together in a financially responsible manner.

“The total budget was about $2 million,” Roberts said. “Compare that to $200 million to $300 million for a Hollywood animated film. We’ll try to get what we spent back on the market.”

Like other independent filmmakers, Two Lanterns lacks the well-established distribution channels available to major studios. Silver Circle has appeared at theaters in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona and Washington, D.C. The film will be shown in Austin on April 18 and in Boston on April 20, 21 and 25. Two showings are scheduled for an animation convention in Chicago on April 28. Atlanta gets second viewing on April 29 before the western tour lands in Seattle on May 1. Silver Circle moves on to Spokane for a May 3 screening, and Denver-area bullion buyers can catch in the film in Boulder on May 4.

“DVD, Blu-Ray and the other platforms are coming in the future,” Roberts reports. “We’re not going to shortchange anyone who wants a chance to see it.”

Some of the local showings of Silver Circle have been sponsored by coin dealers and precious metals brokers. It’s a niche market that Roberts appreciates.

“Liberty-minded and precious metals people will like the film,” he said. Noting how younger filmgoers are drawn to animation, Roberts remarked, “The movie will introduce a new audience to precious metals. We’ll get 20-year olds stockpiling silver.”

If evil to the core villains are what you want in a story, Silver Circle could be just the right movie.

“Victor Brandt is a bigger bad guy than Goldfinger in James Bond,” Roberts declared. “He’s the head of a 100-year old secret society.”

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