A H Baldwin to offer highly important “Bentley Collection” of milled gold Sovereigns

A H Baldwin and Sons Ltd are proud to announce the publication of a special preview brochure of the highly important “Bentley Collection” of milled gold Sovereigns which will be offered for sale at auction from May 2012 in three parts over 12 months.

The brochure is available as a pdf document on our website at the link below

The Bentley Auction events represent the ultimate collection of gold Sovereigns in private ownership, and the completeness and calibre of the overall quality rivals many institutional collections.

Formed over the last 34 years, every currency Sovereign date and mint mark is present in this collection, including the most difficult of all the Australia, Sydney Mint Sovereign of 1920.

The collection also contains the finest known extant specimen of the London 1819 Sovereign as well as many other high quality rare dates and mint combinations.

The collection also contains all the Colonial currency issues from the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Mints in Australia, the Pretoria Mint in South Africa and the Ottawa Mint in Canada, as well as Bombay, India and a run of the Burgers and Kruger Ponds of South Africa.

There is an amazing group of pattern and proof quality pieces and the most complete attempt at forming a run of all the “die number” sovereigns produced between 1863 and 1874 inclusive.

The preview brochure highlights 80 of the most impressive coins and their stories along with mention of many of the other rare pieces.

1) The first part will be sold on the 8th May which will consist of London Mint pieces as will part 3 in May 2013 and a catalogue for part one will appear a month before the sale.

2) Part two to be offered in late September which will coincide with “Coinex” week in London and will include all the Colonial branch mint Sovereigns including the 1920 S.

3) Part three will consist of the final part of the London series and will include the 1819 Sovereign.

Never has there been more of an excuse to visit London in this Olympic year, special advance viewing can be arranged of selected items especially for clients coming from overseas.

Whether you are an advanced Sovereign Collector, or just starting out, the Bentley Collection will contain Sovereigns for everyone at all levels.

Both Dealer and Collector alike will be impressed with the true calibre of the collection and we look forward to welcoming you to these important events as they happen.

For further information about the Bentley Collection coins please contact Steve Hill, Director of British coins at [email protected] or [email protected]

For further information about the process of these auctions please contact Seth Freeman Director of Numismatic Auctions at [email protected] or [email protected]

If you are coming to London for the Olympic Games, please feel free to make time to come and see us – view the coins and enjoy the Games.

Steve Hill
Director – British Coins

A H Baldwin and Son Ltd
11 Adelphi Terrace
Tel:- 0207-930-6879
email [email protected]
Please look at our website www.baldwin.co.uk

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