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CoinWeek uses Cloudflare, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and security platform to deliver all of our website content and CoinWeek Advertising. CloudFlare works with popular analytics programs, such as Google Analytics and augments our visitor and CoinWeek Advertising traffic stats with valuable targeted metrics unavailable anywhere else.

UNIQUE Visitors to CoinWeek over the past 30 Days – as of 02-15-2020

CoinWeek Advertising - CloudflareCoinWeek Advertising - Cloudflare Stats

Social Media

CoinWeek Advertising and Social MediaCoinWeek is the leader in Social Media 

Most New Collectors are entering the hobby via Social Media, and CoinWeek Advertising reaches this Target Audience Better than ANY other website or ANY Print Publication. The numbers are not even close !

If you are looking for the Best Place to put your Advertising dollars, or if you are looking to set up a promotional partnership to reach the largest numismatic audience on the web,  CoinWeek Advertising is the clear choice.

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Demographics & Target Audience

CoinWeek’s most recent numbers ….

Demographics and Stats as of April 27, 2020 for Past 30 days

  • Unique Visitors : 617,550 – per Cloudflare analytics
  • Pageviews per unique: 1,445,067 – Avg. 2.34   [Ex. robots]
  • Facebook Fans: 73,721
  • New FB Fans past 30 days3,241
  • Facebook Reach Last 30 days: 355,770
  • FB Post Engagements ( clicked, commented, shared) Last 30 days: 62,333
  • Twitter Followers: 10,730
  • YouTube Subscribers: 28,340
  • YouTube Video Views past 30 days: 345,145
  • YouTube Total Views: 5,618,342
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 36,662  [Cleaned March, 2020]

But there is more to the story…… Take a look at CoinWeeks Demographics. These present a good picture of who comes to and views CoinWeek Advertising and content ( You can shift the numbers one age class higher to mirror the Website traffic breakdowns.)

OVERALL less than 12% of CoinWeek visitors are over 65 years old, and  71% are in the “Target Demographic” for New Collectors entering the hobby (age 35-55). This is also why CoinWeek Advertising Social Media numbers are so important.

That is hugely important to advertisers because it represents the vast majority of  active collectors.

CoinWeek is the Leader in Industry Awards !

CoinWeek has won the Numismatic Literary Guild’s
“Best Website Award”
And CoinWeek won the NLG’s

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