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We Are Proud of our Numbers !

CoinWeek uses Cloudflare, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and security platform to deliver all of our website content. CloudFlare works with popular analytics programs, such as Google Analytics and augments our visitor and traffic stats with valuable targeted metrics unavailable anywhere else.

UNIQUE Visitors to CoinWeek over the past 30 Days -as of 06-04-17


Social Media

CoinWeek is the leader in Organic Social Media Reach, for REAL COLLECTORS !

Have you ever seen Facebook pages that have 30-50 or even 60,000 fans, but there are just 50 people “talking” about them and they only have a “Post Reach” of a couple hundred?  Look a bit deeper and you’ll usually find most of these “FANS” come from other countries.  These pages have ZERO engagement, the companies just “buy fans” to try to fool you into thinking they are popular.

CoinWeek REACHES a younger demographic & more New Collectors!

CoinWeek has the Highest Engagement Rate
of ANY numismatic news website on Social Media !
Updated August 2, 2017 –  FOR JUST THE PAST 7 DAYS


Demographics & Target Audience

Traffic, fans and fancy numbers mean nothing if web visitors aren’t ACTIVE and ENGAGED coin collectors…  and the way we built the industry’s fastest growing genuine organic base is by having a great website, visually attractive imagery, and by offering the BEST CONTENT in the numismatic market.  You want your message to reach loyal readers and new visitors? You should!

CoinWeek’s most recent numbers ….

Demographics and Stats as of August 4th, 2017 for Past 30 days

  • Unique Visitors : 272,148 – per Cloudflare analytics
  • Pageviews per unique: 843,659 – Avg. 3.12   [Ex. robots]
  • Facebook Fans: 44,152
  • New FB Fans past 30 days:  1,688
  • FB Post Engagements ( clicked, commented, shared) Last 30 days: 36,783
  • Facebook Reach past 30 days110,308
  • Facebook Video Views: 52,969
  • Twitter Followers: 9,868
  • YouTube Subscribers: 7,656
  • YouTube Video Views past 30 days: 61,260
  • YouTube Total Views: 2,160,003
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 32,448   [Cleaned June, 2017]
CoinWeek has won the Numismatic Literary Guild’s
“Best Website Award”


And CoinWeek Just won the NLG’s

But there is more to the story…… Take a look at CoinWeeks Facebook Demographics. These present a good picture of who comes to and views CoinWeek content ( You can shift the numbers one age class higher to mirror the Website traffic breakdowns.)

What is clear is that OVERALL less than 12% of CoinWeek visitors are over 65 years old, and  71% are in the “Target Demographic” for New Collectors entering the hobby (age 35-55).

That is hugely important to advertisers because it represents the vast majority of  active collectors.

By contrast 48% of Coin World readers are OVER 65.

Compare CoinWeek to Coin World

Yes…. we encourage all of our advertisers, sponsors and readers to download and actually read the CoinWorld media Kit for 2016. See what they charge advertisers, look at their website, and evaluate the quality of the articles, graphics, interviews and videos being presented. Several things will immediately stand out…

  • Coin World reaches Far LESS people that CoinWeek
  • Coin World advertising is Far MORE expense than CoinWeek
  • Coin World has an older readership and reaches fewer younger collectors than CoinWeek

CoinWeek is in the forefront of engaging the numismatic community, and our reach, content and platforms continue to outperform and grow each and every year.

CoinWeek has the Best Writers, The Best Videos, The Best Podcasts and the Best website in the numismatic industry.

CoinWeek is a distribution platform that can get your message out to the broadest collecting audience in a cost effective and professional manner. If you are not working with CoinWeek, you are not serious about your marketing plans.

eBlasts and Costs – What is the BEST Deal?

CoinWeek vs CoinWorld

CoinWorld’s 2016 Media Kit offers Dedicated Email Blasts  sent to 31,000 readers and costs $1500

CoinWeek offers Dedicated Email Blasts to over 33,468 subscribers and the cost is $500

Reach 10% MORE Collectors and Spend $1000 LESS
You Decide, which is the best deal???

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