Advertising on CoinWeek – An Open Letter to Coin Dealers


Today’s coin market is hyper-competitive and technology-driven. That’s why CoinWeek is constantly evolving its ad programs to meet the challenges of a market that is much different than the one from ten, five or even two years ago.

The traditional methods of advertising using banner ads with passive engagement or useless print ads in magazines and newspapers just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Fewer active collectors are getting up-to-date numismatic information from print sources and virtually nobody flips through a magazine with the intention of reading ads. In addition, print advertising is overpriced and the clientele print reaches is getting older and less active in the market every month.

Unfortunately these “media companies” use the same old and tired approach on their web sites as well, offering the static banner ad format or cookie cutter one-size-fits-all email programs. They just have zero innovation or imagination and their declining subscription numbers reflect that.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – Now fast-forward into the 21st century  – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Take a look at the full range of strategic marketing opportunities CoinWeek has to offer.

CoinWeek has developed powerful new tools and exclusive programs that go far beyond static ads and passive engagement.

First and foremost, CoinWeek is a content delivery platform, a dynamic engaging and tech savvy company that is breaking new ground in the development and deployment of innovative partner-based approaches to deliver your company’s messaging and products to the largest possible active audience of collectors and investors in the marketplace.

Our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter reach upwards of 60,000 readers each week and targets a demographic that is 20 years younger than our competitors “print ad” audience.

CoinWeek’s 48,000+ email newsletter fan base is 30% larger than Coin World, and that is according to their own 2016 Media Kit numbers.

And finally, CoinWeek has the BEST award-winning content in the numismatic marketplace. The NLG has awarded CoinWeek the “Best Online News Website” for 4 years in a row, and every day we showcase the most talented writers, market analysts, and multi-media production team in the industry.

We have over a million YouTube views and our latest video production both on location and in studio is the gold standard in the collectibles industry….and it gets better every month! ( One video we produced at the January 2016 FUN Show got 70,000 views in just one month……That could be you!)

In short, CoinWeek has the traffic and reach to get your message seen, and a unique menu of Ad programs and options to fit whatever budget you have to work with.

The only requirement we have is simple….

You have to be an active partner with CoinWeek in making your marketing campaigns a success. Our job is to get you in front of collectors and bring them to you…..Your job is to offer them something interesting, at a fair price, and to convert leads into sales.

If structured correctly, the benefits of marketing with CoinWeek can generate new customers and revenues for years to come.

Every Ad campaign we run, every partner page we build, or article we write is indexed and saved in the search engines, archived on CoinWeek, and becomes another pathway for potential customers to find you, even after a campaign ends.

Here is how it works…

One of the most effective forms of advertising today is called “Native Content Advertising”.

Think of Native Content Advertising as product placement in movies or TV shows. By incorporating a sponsor’s name or product into organic content, such as articles videos, podcasts, social media, and CoinWeek’s direct-to-fan communications, sponsors are able to better position themselves and their products in a competitive market.

CoinWeek has taken this concept of organic advertising to a whole new level and is offering a group of products that are UNIQUE to the numismatic marketplace. It is a product that no other web site or print publication can offer.

Before, I get into the details of our program, check out this eye-opening demographic information about Coinweek – the online leader in rare coin publishing industry.

Demographics and Stats as of January 31, 2016
  • Last 30 Days Unique Visitors : 210,191 – per Cloudflare analytics
  • Pageviews (Excluding Bots): 674,713 – Avg. 3.21 page views per unique
  • Facebook Fans: 20,387 – That is 5,239 [or 26%] more fans than Coin World!
  • Twitter Followers: 7,252 – 14.3% more followers than Coin World!
  • You Tube Subscribers: 3,090 – 2093% more than Coin World’s 144 subscribers
  • YouTube Views: OVER A MILLION VIEWS [1,022,604] Coin World has under 25K*
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 48,318

Innovative Ways CoinWeek Can Leverage Its Assets
to Drive Customers to Your Business

A) SEO Optimized Partner Pages – The proprietary CoinWeek landing pages called IOPS or Partner Pages, are a fairly straight forward concept. They function like a Full page Ad in a magazine, except they are interactive and form the base platform of your presence on CoinWeek.

On these pages we can display custom content, all SEO Optimized, PLUS we include an archive of each and every article and video you contributed, we wrote or you were mentioned in within our archive that talks about your company.

No other media company, website or publication can provide this level on integration of your messaging and branded content.

The cost of the “Partner Pages” runs from as little as $200 a month to $1500 a month. The difference is the extent of customization for the landing page, the types of features you want (product carousels, sliders, etc.) and how often you want to update the page.

B) Banners – Depending upon the Partner Page options you select, CoinWeek includes “active” Banner ad placement(s) within the 12 main CoinWeek content categories Free of Charge. Banners are 325×300 in size and each banner location may rotate up to 4 different Banners, so you can tailor multiple messages. It is our suggestion to link these banners to your Partner Page to realize the full benefits of the program, but it is not required.

C) Targeted Ad Campaign Options – With any level of Partner Page participation, we offer advertisers the ability to customize specific targeted Ad campaigns for particular products or services. Best of all we offer you TWO different Options that assure your campaigns success depending upon what metrics you choose to employ. Here are the options…….

  •  REACH Guarantee – CoinWeek will run your campaign for a set period of time and GUARANTEE we will “REACH” a minimum of 5000 readers with your message. “Reach” is defined as Page Views, Likes, Shares, Clicks through, and any interaction by a reader with the Article, Video or links to your partner Page or website. We sell this “REACH Guarantee” in blocks of 5000 at $500 each. (There is no minimum or maximum number of campaigns you need to run and the service is available to you at any time)
  • Visitor Guarantee – The second option is where CoinWeek will GUARANTEE a minimum number of Visitors (or sessions) from any CoinWeek platform TO YOUR SITE at a cost of $3 per visitor . You can purchase a set number of visitors and control the budget on your campaign, or you can have an open campaign and pay for visits as tabulated at the end of the month. Total Visits are based on Shared Analytic based on exit pages and your Google stats.

Again the approach is simple and straightforward.

CoinWeek is an information and content distribution platform. Our job is to present an informed and active readership with world class content. We use every available platform to reach the broadest demographic possible between the ages of 30-65, and we can guarantee the results either in the form of the number of potential customers who interact with our content, OR the actual number of prospects to go to your web site from CoinWeek.

Once we deliver the prospect to your site, the results totally depend upon you, your product or service offering and your pricing and/;or value proposition. We do not control that aspect of the sales process.

D) Dedicated Email Blasts – An additional option available to you is to utilize CoinWeek’s 48,000+ subscriber base to send out dedicated email Blasts. CoinWeek’s email Blast service is again, straightforward, simple and Very Affordable

Right now, Coin World’s Media Kit for 2016 states that they will send a dedicated email blast to their list of 34,000 subscribers for $1500 per send. CoinWeek, on the other hand sends email blasts to our list of 48,000 subscribers for only $500 per send. That is 1/3 of the cost going to 30% more potencial customers. The math on this one is real easy !

Plus we scrub and clean our list every month, removing hard bounces, inactive email addresses, bad addresses to make sure that we have the highest possible delivery rate

Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis, so if you have a date you want to send on, Call is now at 800-579-5228 to reserve it.

E) Sponsorship’s of Premium Content – This is a brand new area we are just starting to open up. Coinweek is partnering with select companies to provide branded content on CoinWeek that is sponsored by companies who are looking to build long term strategic partnerships with CoinWeek and who understand the enormous power and benefits of branding legacy content. From Coin Profiles of Bullion, Modern, World, US Coins and Paper Money, to Collecting Strategies, World Mint Products, Video Series sponsorship, Podcasts, multi media presentations, etc. these are limited opportunities and custom designed. Contact us if you have any ideas you’d like to discuss.

If you have a monthly budget in mind for a 6-month run, I’d be happy to put a proposal together for you, or if you have any questions on the above, please let me know and I’d be happy to go over anything you like.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

CoinWeek Sales Team