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All-Time #1 Set of Seated Quarters on Display at ANA World’s Fair

All-Time #1 Set of Seated Quarters on Display at ANA World’s Fair

D.L. Hansen and David Lawrence Rare Coins (DLRC) will be displaying the All-Time Finest PCGS Registry Set of Circulation Strike Seated Liberty Quarters at the upcoming ANA World’s Fair of Money. The 100% complete set of 109 coins will also be joined by the near-complete set of Proof issues from 1838-1891.

This set is the only complete set of circulation strike coins graded by PCGS that has ever been compiled. This will be the first time that this set is on full display.

The ANA World’s Fair of Money will be held in Rosemont, Illinois, from Tuesday, August 16 to Saturday, August 20. DLRC will be attending and displaying this fascinating exhibit for the duration of the show at table 1030.

Some of the notable pieces that will be displayed are:

Per John Brush, President of DLRC and the Curator of the D.L. Hansen Collection: “While quality and completion have long been the goals throughout the D.L. Hansen Collection, eye appeal is highlighted in this fascinating set and is evident throughout the wide swath of dates.”

According to Hansen, this set was “Painstakingly assembled piece by piece and was one of the harder collections to assemble due to the vast number of coins and the scarcity of some of the issues. Many late nights and several years of searching have resulted in this set and we couldn’t be prouder to share it with other collectors.”

This is just one of the many sets that has been put together by Hansen and it is a great example of the most complete collection of circulation strike coins ever assembled by a collector. It is the goal of DLRC and Mr. Hansen to not only continue to improve the collection but to share it with other collectors whenever possible.

Additional information about the D.L. Hansen Collection and David Lawrence Rare Coins can be found at www.davidlawrence.com, by calling 800-776-0560, or via email [email protected].

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