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The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is excited to announce a collaboration between its flagship publication, The Numismatist, and The Coin Dealer Newsletter (CDN), providing ANA members a reliable retail pricing tool for collectable U.S. and Early American coinage.

Beginning in June, ANA members can access the “Collector’s Price Guide” (CPG) in The Numismatist. Each monthly eight- to 10-page supplement offers up-to-date values for a variety of U.S. coin types and denominations on a regular rotation, with early coppers, cents and nickels in June, silver in July, and gold in August.

“The Numismatist is one of the great publications of our hobby and the cornerstone benefit of ANA membership,” says ANA President Jeff Garrett. “The new CDN retail price guide will make The Numismatist an indispensable resource for collectors. This partnership is one of the most important developments for the organization in many years.”

The “Collector’s Price Guide” is intended as a hobby resource only and should be used in combination with other numismatic references as part of a practical, informed purchasing plan. CDN Publishing is solely responsible for the content of the guide.

According to CDN Publisher John Feigenbaum, “An online version of CPG was launched a few months ago in response to dealers who have long been frustrated by the disconnect between established Greysheet pricing and unrelated retail values that don’t reflect wholesale levels. CPG values are derived from the Greysheet and move in direct reaction to the wholesale market so collectors and dealers can finally be in sync.”

“It’s a dream come true to have coin-pricing information available in The Numismatist,” says ANA Executive Director Kim Kiick. “This is a huge benefit to our members, and we are grateful to John Feigenbaum for approaching us with this opportunity.”

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About CDN Publishing

Since 1963, the Coin Dealer Newsletter (CDN) has been the industry standard in U.S. rare coin and currency pricing with its publication of the Greysheet, Bluesheet and Greensheet newsletters. Released weekly and monthly, these price guides are preferred by coin dealers, shop owners, serious collectors and investors throughout the United States. An archive of articles can be accessed free at For more information, visit

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