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ANA: Expand Your Numismatic Knowledge at 2016 Summer Seminar


The American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) annual Summer Seminar is fast approaching but there’s still time to register. The two one-week sessions will be held June 18-30, 2016 on the campus of Colorado College in Colorado Springs, adjacent to ANA headquarters. Summer Seminar offers hands-on training with a plethora of classes suited for collectors at all levels, from the curious beginner to the most advanced numismatist.

The online registration cutoff is June 1.

For many hobbyists, Summer Seminar can be a life-changing event. It has launched the careers of many of the nation’s most successful numismatic collectors, authors and dealers, and guided young numismatists to become hobby leaders. Now celebrating its 48th year, the 2016 Summer Seminar features a variety of classes to meet virtually every collector’s needs, including grading, counterfeit detection, photography, Colonial Americana, numismatic publishing, ancients, and more. To view a full list of Summer Seminar courses, session schedules, or to download the catalog, visit www.money.org/summer-seminar.

What’s Popular

Collecting/Investing in Morgan Silver Dollars: A Comprehensive Approach

Instructors: Michael S. Fey, Ph.D.; Isaac Wallie; John Baumgart

Session 2: June 25-30

An overview of collecting and investing in Morgan silver dollars regardless of collecting level. Learn the nuances of collecting by date and mintmark, and the importance of strike, toning and eye appeal. Key die states, prooflike and deep mirror prooflike coins, extant populations, grading and grading services, pricing and cutting edge research also will be discussed. Using actual examples, attendees will learn about collecting and investing in Morgan dollars from three of the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

What’s New

Digital Numismatic Photography for Collectors

Instructors: Robert Kelley and Douglas Mudd

Session 2: June 25-30

This course is designed for intermediate photographers whether they want to manage their digital coin collection, online coin shop sales, do research or diagnostic attributions. Learn how to organize a collection for selling, theft recovery, publication, or just to have bragging rights on the internet. The course will teach students to learn the proper image capture and handling methods following proven techniques for workflow speed and efficiency. To optimize the learning experience, students are strongly encouraged to bring the following: a DSLR camera with a macro lens, a laptop with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and several numismatic items to photograph.

What’s Unusual

Intaglio Engraving

Instructor: Christopher Madden

Session 1: June 18-23

This course offers instruction in intaglio engraving and etching. Students are introduced to engraving methods and cultivate an appreciation of the materials and techniques of bank note engraving. Through demonstrations and hands-on work, students learn the rudiments of the bank note engraver’s craft and create intaglio prints pulled from engravings.

What’s Essential

Think Like A Thief: Security for Dealers and Collectors

Instructor: Col. Steven Ellsworth

Session 1: June 18-23

Learn how to minimize and manage the risks of theft, burglary, robbery or personal injury. Areas of focus include home, office, store and coin show security, as well as an in-depth study of how to travel safely by car, taxi and plane when transporting collections and coin inventory. Storage security, personal protection, non-lethal, improvised weapons and the use of deadly force and legal ramifications are addressed in depth. Case studies and active role-playing are emphasized. Attendees will write a basic security plan, complete NRA 1st Steps and Personal Protection in the Home, and Learn basic firearm safety and familiarization. A written examination for certification is required and meets the Proof of Training requirement for Colorado’s CCW and most other states.

This course has an additional fee of $100 and students must be 21 years or older. In addition, students agree to participate in a phone interview with the instructor.


Students may select from a variety of lodging options to meet their needs, preferences and budget. Most stay in Colorado College campus dorms, while others elect to stay in nearby hotels. For a complete list of ANA preferred hotels, refer to page 22 of the Summer Seminar Course Catalog, or visit www.money.org/summer-seminar.


Summer Seminar attendees are encouraged to contact M&M World Travel Service for travel arrangements. M&M works closely with the ANA to provide competitive airline rates and personalized service. Students can take advantage of the ANA’s complimentary shuttle by flying into the Colorado Springs Airport. To make M&M travel arrangements, call 800-426-8326 or email [email protected].

Those wishing to register for Summer Seminar by phone may do so by contacting Amber Bradish, the ANA’s seminar coordinator, at (719) 482-9865. Completed registration forms can be emailed to [email protected], or mailed to:

Summer Seminar
c/o Amber Bradish
818 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

The success of Summer Seminar has allowed the ANA to introduce new features to the program such as Intersession, the two days between Session 1 and Session 2. Intersession activities are a wonderful opportunity to explore some the Pikes Peak region’s many attractions, attend the local coin show, and enjoy an educational lecture or two.

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