ANA Money Museum Free Event Celebrates National Coin Week


The American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum will celebrate National Coin Week during the week of April 17-23 with an array of activities, including an open house with free admission and special events on Saturday, April 23.

National Coin Week has been recognized since 1924. The theme for this year’s event is “Portraits of Liberty: Icon of Freedom,” which celebrates the representations of Liberty on coins and paper money around the world, from ancient to modern times. This year marks the centennial anniversary of three popular U.S. coin designs featuring Liberty: the Mercury (or Winged Liberty) dime, the Standing Liberty quarter and the Walking Liberty half dollar.

Open House Events:

  • Free admission to the Money Museum, located at 818 N. Cascade Ave, adjacent to Colorado College and the Fine Arts Center. The museum’s four galleries include the most complete collection of U.S. gold coins ever assembled; an exhibit dedicated to the history of money, including examples from ancient times; a new exhibit focused on the history, ideals and pageantry of the Olympics; and a kid’s zone.
  • Mini-Mint demonstrations throughout the day. All attendees can receive a freshly-minted National Coin Week medalette.
  • Dig for Buried Treasure, where one lucky child will discover a gold coin.
  • A special exhibit featuring depictions of Liberty on ancient and United States coinage.
  • The Prize Wheel, where every child can spin to win a prize.
  • A raffle drawing to win 30 seconds in the Cash Cube, where the winner gets to keep all the cash he or she can grab.

Visitors to the Money Museum will see rare numismatic treasures such as the McDermott/Bebee specimen 1913 Liberty Head nickel valued at $2 million, and two of the 15 known 1804 dollars valued together at $6 million; rare Syracusan dekadrachms (Greek coins) from the sixth century B.C.E. designed by two of the most celebrated engravers of the ancient world; a 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics bronze medallion designed by the famed Karl Goetz; and a complete set of award medals from the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics courtesy of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

For additional information, email [email protected], call (719) 482-9814, or visit

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