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ANA Summer Seminar Early Registration Discount Ends Soon

ANA Summer Seminar Early Registration Discount Ends Soon

Hobbyists interested in attending the American Numismatic Association’s 50th annual ANA Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, Colorado can now register for the event online. The two one-week sessions will be held June 16-28. ANA members who register by March 31 will save $50 per session on the cost of tuition; life members who register will save an additional $25 per session. Register online here.

Summer Seminar is a once-a-year opportunity for intense numismatic study and the 2018 program features a lineup of classes to meet virtually every collector’s needs. To view a full list of courses, daily excursions and session schedules, visit www.money.org/summer-seminar.

What’s Fresh

World Numismatics

  • Instructor: Benjamin Swagerty
  • Session 1: June 16 to 21

Learn about numismatics from around the world, including hard-to-obtain rarities, general issues, commemoratives and more. This course will show you how to develop and organize your collections in an accessible, flexible way by using the Internet and other resources. It also will help you become an active and knowledgeable international collector.

What’s Exclusive

Numismatic Publishing: A Practical Guide to Writing About Coins

  • Instructors: Steve Roach and Dennis Tucker
  • Session 1: June 16 to 21

This course is designed for individuals who want to write for today’s top numismatic publications. Students will learn about different types of writing, the elements of quality (i.e., readable) coin writing, and will receive an overview of the various venues available for publishing. Participants also will build an outline and work on producing an article suitable for publication, which will be peer reviewed. By the end of the class, students will lay the groundwork for an article they can be proud of and will gain further confidence in their writing skills.

What’s Fundamental

Collecting United States Type Coins

  • Instructors: David W. Lange and Frank Van Valen
  • Session 2: June 23 to 28

This interactive class will teach students how to collect U.S. coins by regularly issued type. Participants will explore the rarity of each design and denomination in relation to grade. They also will learn the technical aspects of strike and planchet quality and the aesthetics of toning. Students are encouraged to bring their own coins for evaluation and study.

What’s Original

Legacy & Coinage of Father-Son Mint Engravers William & Charles Barber

  • Instructors: John Frost and Glenn Holsonbake
  • Session 2: June 23 to 28

This hands-on course will explore the history and coinage of the fifth and sixth U.S. Mint chief engravers, William Barber (1869-1879) and Charles Barber (1880-1917), respectively.

Students will study in detail all six circulation coin series created by this duo during their tenures, from the late-19th to the early-20th century. The class also will explore the mint medals designed by these prolific engravers and more.


Students may select from a variety of lodging options to meet their needs, preferences and budget. Most stay in Colorado College campus dorms (adjacent to the ANA), while others elect to stay in nearby hotels. For a complete list of ANA preferred hotels, refer to page 22 of the Summer Seminar Course Catalog.


Summer Seminar attendees are encouraged to contact M&M World Travel Service for travel arrangements. M&M works closely with the ANA to provide competitive airline rates and personalized service. Students can take advantage of the ANA’s complimentary shuttle by flying into the Colorado Springs Airport. To make M&M travel arrangements, call 800-426-8326 or email [email protected].

For additional information, contact Meghan Reed, the ANA’s seminar representative, at [email protected].

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