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ANA Summer Seminars: Art of Engraving Workshop Appeals to Artists


The Art of Engraving

This hands-on course teaches artists (and those interested in this art form) how medals and coins are traditionally created. Instructed by Laura Stocklin, metalsmith and printmaker, students explore the ancient art of hand die-engraving together with more modern processes currently used to create coins and medals.

Scholarships Available

Six successful candidates will receive a scholarship to attend the Art of Engraving at the ANA’s Summer Seminar, June 18-23, 2016. The scholarship includes tuition, lodging and meals for one week and up to $400 reimbursement for transportation costs. Students who successfully complete the first year will be invited back for the second year (June 2017) to continue their study of this fascinating art form (and will receive a second scholarship, as outlined above, to allow participation in 2017).

Scholarship Application Guidelines

Applicants must provide the requested information below. Electronic submissions are preferred, but not required. Applicants need not be professional artists to have their work considered.

  1. Explain your art background, including education and interests.
  2. List any exhibits where your art has been shown publicly. Please list any awards your artwork has received.
  3. List any art organization of which you are a member.
  4. What, if any, are your numismatic interests?
  5. What, if any, interest do you have in die making or the coining process?
  6. Do you have a special project or skill you would like to develop during the class?
  7. Please submit five examples of your artwork for consideration during portfolio review. Digital images or website preferred, but not required.

Underwritten by the Gilroy & Lillian P. Roberts Foundation.

Send completed applications to [email protected].



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