Ancient Coin Provenance – Do you know your coins’ pedigree?


Provenance Hunting Website celebrates its first anniversary., the only website 100% dedicated to the research of lost provenances for Ancient coins, celebrates this January its first anniversary.

In one year, Ex-Numis® has found thousands of lost provenances and satisfied hundreds of users like collectors, institutions, numismatic dealers, and auction houses.

Launched in January 2016 at the New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC), has revolutionized the research of lost provenances for Ancient coins. Using a high-end digital image recognition system and its own database of almost a million pictures of Ancient coins extracted from old auction catalogues, it has become the exclusive tool for finding lost Provenances in a quick and easy way.

 Collection Dr. Paul Hartwig, Auction P.&P. Santamaria, Rome (Italy), 07 March 1910

Has your coin been published at an auction? Instead of looking through thousands of auction catalogues, you can now send a request to

With numerous new regulations and restrictions adopted this year in different countries, the challenges of accurate Provenance for Ancient coins has never been more important and problematic. All serious collectors, numismatic dealers and auction houses should consider adding as much Provenances as possible to their coins and collection.

Collection Clarence S. Bement, Auction Ars Classica S.A 8, Lucerne (Switzerland), 25 June 1924

In the last years it has become more and more important to know a coins’ pedigree. There are legal requirements, which ask for due diligence, plus coins deriving from large, historical collections realize higher prices, compared to coins with no known provenance. Until now, the only way to find pedigrees was to go through thousands of auctions catalogues or hope that there was some sort of written provenance form a prior owners or seller.  However a new online tool by Ex-Numis® is now available for collectors, museums and coin dealers, to streamline this process with exceptional results.

Dr. Jonas Flueck, a numismatic dealer and auctionner with a lot of experience in the coin auction business, is the founder of this website. With the help of an image recognition program, the tool compares images fed into the system to an extensive database. The material for comparison is exceptional: the database contains almost a million images of ancient coins and is constantly expanded. The images come from auction catalogues starting in the 19th century up to 2000. The clients’ coin will be compared to images from auction catalogues such as Ars Classica, Otto Helbing, MMAG, Ratto, Rolin & Feuardent and many more.

The best: It doesn’t cost a fortune to get your collection checked. Go to to get more information. For anybody who wants to try out Ex-Numis® we are currently providing an introductory offer: Newly registered clients instantly receive 25 credits and can send in their images. The Ex-Numis® staff will then compare your images to the database and will let you know, if there is a direct hit and your piece derives from a large, renowned collection.

Ex-Numis® makes hours of searching for provenances in old catalogues become redundant and offers you more time to marvel and enjoy the beauty of your coins.

You can find the website under the following address: If you’d like additional information, please write us an email under: info[at] or give us call at 0041 / 76 / 706 18 19.

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