hjbnailsChicago-based coin dealer Harlan J. Berk specializes in coins and unusual items from antiquity.

In this video, Harlan discusses a special collector set that his firm is offering this holiday season. For the set, the numismatists at Harlan J. Berk take a Crucifixion Period Roman Iron Nail from the 1st Century A.D. and a poor widow’s mite 1st Century B.C. As mentioned in Mark 12:41-44. 41 and mounts them in a tasteful display case. In this video, Harlan describes the set and gives the historic and biblical context behind both items.


  1. I am looking for an authentic Leptun (not a prutah) widow’s mite and a crucifixion era nail that are in a display together and with certificates of authenticity. Please notify me if you have this available and the price. Thanks.


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