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Archives International Auction 61 of Stocks, Bonds, and World Banknotes

Archives International Auction 61 of Stocks, Bonds, and World Banknotes

Auction 61: October 4-5, 2020

To be sold at public auction in three sessions over two days, beginning at 11:00 am ET each day


During this unprecedented time period, the team at Archives International is committed to taking every safety precaution to protect participants in our auctions: We have continued to reduce the number of team members in the office at any one time and are working remotely wherever possible. As always, we are available to you via phone or email literally anytime.

Your participation in the auction is appreciated and can be conducted safely in the comfort of your own home. We hope you enjoy our current offering from our 61st auction.

Stay safe, stay well, and Good Luck in the Auction.

Auction 61 Features 1,356 Lots of U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, Coins, Security Printing Ephemera and Historic Ephemera


Please register early in case you need help or have questions. Absentee bids may be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to (201) 871-4345.

Auction 61 Highlights

Lot 90. Ch’ing Dynasty, Year 8 (1858) Issued Banknote. China, 1858 (Yr. 8), 2000 Cash, P-A4f, S/M#T6-51, Issued banknote, Blue with red overprint, back with no markings, S/N 6190, PMG About Uncirculated 55 with usual spindle hole on top excess margin. Rare note in high grade.

Lot 120. China. Kiangse Government Bank, 1907 Dollar Issue Banknote. China, $1, P-S1083, S/M#C94-1, Issued banknote, Black and blue, back black with red seal, PMG graded Extremely Fine 40 condition with large even margins, firm paper and no edge faults, Rarely seen this nice. S/N 561, Attractive and desirable banknote. Printer: CMPA. This note is tied for finest known and highest graded out of 36 graded in the PMG census. Rare and desirable in high grade.

Lot 365. National Bank of Iraq. 1950. Issued Banknote. Iraq. Issued 1 Dinar, L.1947 (ND 1950), P-29, featuring King Faisal II as young boy. PMG graded Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ, thus making it one of the finest extant for this early and popular type. Ex-Ruth Hill Collection.

Lot 374. Bank Leumi. ND (1952). Issued Banknote. Israel. Issued 1 Pound, ND (1952), P-20a. Unmatched finest graded by PMG as Superb Gem Unc 68 with comment “EPQ” (Cert # 8072510-009). ABNC.

Lot 555. Bank of Zambia, 1964 ND Issue, £5 Finest Known PCGS Superb Gem Unc 67 PPQ. Zambia, ND (1964), £5 Pounds, P-3a, Issued banknote, blue on m/c with wildebeest on right, back blue with Victoria Falls, Signature of R.C. Hallet, S/N C/3 291731, PCGS Banknote graded “Superb Gem Unc 67 PPQ”. TDLR. The highest graded one offered at auction was a PMG graded Gem Unc 65 EPQ which sold at Spink for $9557 in 2017. Only 2 notes previously graded at PMG at Gem 65, none higher. This dazzling note should command serious attention from the collecting community.

Lot 720. Hawaiian Government 1882 Specimen Bond Rarity. Hawaii, 1882. $5000 Specimen 6% Coupon Bond, Black text with blue border and underprint, Hawaiian seal illustrated at top center. Red specimen overprints, 0000 serial number, POCs. Fine condition with some splitting and toning along vertical fold lines, ABNC. Extremely rare Hawaiian Government fiscal document.

Lot 790. The Gold Mining Company, 1888 I/U Stock Certificate Rarity. Arizona (Incorporated in West Virginia and issued in Washington, D.C.), 1888, 1000 Shares, I/U stock certificate. Amazing and classic early Arizona stock certificate, 14.5 by 8.75 inches. S/N 598. Green border with green title, corporate seal and text with gold undertint of map of Music Mountains and Vicinity, Gold mountain on right, map with labeled railroad tracks for the A.&P.RR as well as different cities, counties, mountains and mines labeled. Extremely rare and popular certificate. XF condition with great colors and fresh appearance.

Lot 952. Kansas City, Wyandotte and Northwestern Railroad Co. 1888 $1000 Specimen Bond. Kansas, 1888 Specimen Bond. $1000 First Mortgage 5% Gold Coupon Bond, Black text with green border and undertint, allegorical figure of a young girl at top, locomotive at bottom. Red specimen overprints, POC’s and “0000” serial numbers. VF-XF condition with very slight tear along middle horizontal fold, ABNC NY. Only one issued example has been seen previously, no specimens previously known. This example was unique in the ABN Archives.

Lot 1281. 1863 Copper Nickel 1C PR 66 Cameo NGC. U.S., 1 Cent Indian Proof. 1863. Mintage: 460. NGC Universal ID: 229D. Copper Nickel. Attractive Cameo proof with a relatively small population of 460. Frosty surfaces and smooth reflective finish enhance this lovely coin.

Lot 1283. 1864 Copper Nickel 1C PR 66 Cameo NGC. U.S., 1 Cent Indian Proof. 1864. Mintage: 370. NGC Universal ID: 229E. Copper Nickel. Scarcer proof with relatively small population of 370. Frosty surfaces and smooth finish enhance this lovely coin.

Lot 1290. 1798 Large Eagle $1 MS AU 50 NGC. U.S., $1 Flowing Hair. 1798. NGC Universal ID: 24X6. Silver. High grade for the issue with mottled toning and nice luster for the grade. Popular early dollar. Out of 327,536 coins produced, there are 1616 graded in all grades with 68 graded in AU 50.

Lot 1291. 1921 Peace High Relief $1 MS AU53 CAC NGC. U.S., $1 Peace Silver Dollar. 1921. NGC Universal ID: 2U4E. Silver. Attractive literally mark free surfaces giving the appearance of Gem Unc, not AU condition for this lovely Peace dollar that deserves the CAC designation.

Auction Schedule #61

Session 1 – Sunday, October 4 – Lots 1 to 557

Beginning at 11:00 am ET

  • Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Coins and Chinese Scripophily

Session 2 – Monday, October 5 – Lots 558 to 1230

Beginning at 11:00 am ET

  • U.S. & World Scripophily – Automobiles; Railroads; Mining; Finance;
  • Technology & other Topics

Session 3 – Monday, October 5th – Lots 1231 to 1356

Beginning no earlier than 5:00 pm ET

  • U.S. Federal Bonds; U.S. Coins; U.S. Banknotes; Ephemera & Security Printing Ephemera

Please download the REGISTRATION – BID SHEET if you prefer not to bid through Archive International’s internet platform.

BID SHEETS may be faxed to (201) 871-4345 or emailed to [email protected].

Please call (201) 944-4800 to confirm that we have received your BID SHEET

* * *


You may also write to Archives International Auctions, at 1580 Lemoine Ave., Suite #7, Fort Lee, NJ 07024 U.S.A. To learn more about Archives International Auctions and upcoming auctions, log on to www.ArchivesInternational.com.

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