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Archives International Auction 64 of Stocks, Bonds, and World Banknotes

Auction 64: January 27, 2021

To be sold at public auction beginning at 11:00 am ET each day


During this unprecedented time period, the team at Archives International is committed to taking every safety precaution to protect participants in our auctions: We have continued to reduce the number of team members in the office at any one time and are working remotely wherever possible. As always, we are available to you via phone or email literally anytime.

Your participation in the auction is appreciated and can be conducted safely in the comfort of your own home. We hope you enjoy our current offering from our 64th auction.

Stay safe, stay well, and Good Luck in the Auction.

Auction 64 Features 1,114 Lots of U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, Coins, Security Printing Ephemera and Historic Ephemera


Please register as early as possible in case you need help or have questions. Absentee bids may be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to (201) 871-4345.

Auction 64 Highlights

Lot 281. Republic of Hawaii, Government Loan of 1896, Act 71, 1896, $1000, “Series A”, Historic Specimen Bond. Hawaii. June 13th, 1896, $1000, Series A, Specimen 5% 20 Year Gold Bond of the Government of the Republic of Hawaii, Act 71, 1896, Black on green border and underprint, green frame and back. Sanford Dole, as President of Hawaii, facsimile signature lower right and his portrait at upper left. Hawaiian Arms top center, with the crown removed, 10000 green protector in center. 40 Coupons attached. 12 x 18 inches, All the coupons with specimen overprints and POC’s (coupons have sold for up to $100 as single Hawaiian fiscal rarities) as well as the face of the bond with red specimen overprints, POC’s and “00000” Serial Numbers. The bond has bright colors with a small hole in the right middle central part of the bond. A number of the folds have archival reinforcement where there was weakness or slight splitting at the folds that does not affect the appearance of the bond. Historic Hawaiian bond and the first time offered by us. This is second of two historic Hawaiian bonds we are offering in the auction ABNC.

Lot 306. Ferrocarril Y Minas En Michoacan, Acapulco a Veracruz, 1890 Specimen Bond Rarity. Mexico, 1890. $1000 Specimen 6% Ferrocarril de Marvatio Hasta Entroncar con el Interoceanico de Acapulco a Veracruz Bond. Black text with orange border and undertint, Mexican state seal at top. Red specimen overprints, “0000” serial numbers, POCs. Fine to VF condition. ABNC. This was the only example found.

Lot 443. Southern Inland Navigation & Improvement Co., 1871 Issued Bond. Florida. $1,000 I/U 7% 1st Land Grant Convertible Construction Coupon Bond, Black print on green border and under tint on large sized certificate, VF-XF condition, Cowan & Co. Stationers.

Lot 626. Atchison and Nebraska Rail Road Co., 1878 Progress Proof Bond Rarity. Kansas and Nebraska, 1878. $100 Progress Proof 7% First Mortgage Bond, Black text and black border, printed on large white cardstock, Train passing from left to right at top center. VF condition, Continental BNC. Bond only includes front, back is blank. Listed as a proof on india paper, this is printed on india paper on thin card. Previously unseen in Cox and extremely rare if not unique in this format. Continental BNC.

Lot 694. Albany and Susquehanna Railroad Co., 1863 Specimen Bond Rarity Error. New York. $1000 Specimen 7% Coupon Bond rarity with double printed back panel error, Black printing without underprint, Allegorical women flank portrait of George Washington in middle, small train bottom middle, Counterfoil on left has legend “Organized under Chap.140. Lawes of New-York: Passed April 2nd 1850”. 50 coupons attached on bottom, Specimen overprints and “0000” serial numbers, VF condition, Coupon #1 is dated July 1863 and Coupon 50 is dated January 1888, ABNC. This unlisted and unique example from the ABN Archives discovered in 2002 is dated 13 years earlier than the first listed bond example in listed in Cox. It is in beautiful condition considering it is close to 160 years old. Historic railroad bond. There is an ABNC logo located on the lower left corner of the bond, but the original design and engraving was from a predecessor company that was updated by ABNC. Amazing and Unique.

Lot 768. Marietta and Cincinnati Rail Road Co., 1865 I/U Stock Certificate. Ohio, 1865. 17 Shares I/U Capital Stock Certificate, S/N #127, Black text with black border, ornate title, VF condition. Rare stock certificate in Cox only listed as I/C. not listed issued uncancelled.

Lot 775. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railway Co. 1868 I/U Stock Certificate Rarity. Steubenville, Ohio, 1868. 1 Share I/U Capital Stock Certificate, S/N #122, Black text with black border, Train passing over bridge at top center. VF condition small stain spots on left counterfoil. Unlisted in uncancelled format in Cox, Rare.

Lot 885. State of Florida, 1870 I/U Bond Signed by Governor Harrison Reed. Florida, 1870. $1000 Specimen 8% Gold Coupon Bond #434, Black text with black border, orange underprint, “Return of Peace” depicted at top center. Gold foil seal at lower left, coupons attached, VF condition, National BNC. Signed by Harrison Reed as Governor of Florida. Harrison Reed (August 26, 1813 Ð May 25, 1899) was an American editor and politician who had most of his political career in Florida. He was elected in 1868 as the ninth Governor of Florida, serving until 1873 during the Reconstruction era. Born in Littleton, Massachusetts, he moved as a youth with his family to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he had a grocery store and started farming. He also owned and edited the Milwaukee Sentinel for several years. Reed became active in the Republican Party and in 1861 he began his political career, moving to Washington, DC for a patronage job in the Treasury Department. In 1863 he was appointed as the Tax Commissioner of Florida, to oversee confiscation and sales of Confederate properties in Union-occupied areas. In 1865 he was appointed as Postal Agent for the state. In 1868 he was elected as Governor under the new constitution, which enfranchised freedmen. He served one term, with challenges by factions of the Republican Party resulting in two attempts in the state senate at impeachment. He strongly supported public education, where the growth in new schools served one-quarter of the children by 1872. Rare and attractive bond.

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We are still seeking consignments for our upcoming Spring and Summer 2021 auctions. Please contact us to discuss your participation in our future sales

You may also write to Archives International Auctions, at 1580 Lemoine Ave., Suite #7, Fort Lee, NJ 07024 U.S.A. To learn more about Archives International Auctions and upcoming auctions, log on to www.ArchivesInternational.com.

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