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Archives International Auction 82 of Stocks, Bonds, and World Banknotes

Auction 82: Tuesday, January 24, 2023

To be sold at public auction beginning at 11:00 am ET


Auction 82 Features 726 Lots of U.S., Chinese, and World Banknotes, Scripophily, Historic Ephemera and Security Printing Ephemera


Please register as early as possible in case you need help or have questions. Absentee bids may be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to (201) 839-3336.

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Auction 82 Highlights

Archives International Auction 82 of Stocks, Bonds, and World Banknotes

Lot 16. Government of Belize, 1974 High-Grade Issued Banknote. Belize, $2 Dollars, P-34a, Purple on multicolor underprint, S/N B/1 015073, PMG graded Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ. Printer: BWC. Only 2 notes grade higher one grading increment out of 59 graded in the PMG census. This lovely note will be difficult if not impossible to improve upon.

Lot 53. Bank of China, 1912 “Peking Branch” “Top Pop” Issue Banknote. Peking, China. $1, P-25w, S/M#C294-30w but possibly a variation of other examples found that deserves further research, Issued banknote, Green on m/c, Portrait Emperor Huang-ti at left, Hillside village and railroad at right, back green with waterside park, S/N B083025, PMG graded Choice Very Fine 35 with mention of annotations on back. . This note is tied for highest graded out of 12 graded in the PMG Census. Rare note in any condition. ABNC.

Lot 176. French Afars & Issas, Tresor Public, ND (1974), “Djibouti” “Top Pop” Specimen Banknote. Djibouti, French Afars & Issas, 1000 Francs, P-32s, Specimen banknote, Brown, pink, yellow, blue and m/c, woman holding jug at the center, Overprinted “SPECIMEN No. 0093”, Pin-punch Specimen, S/N O.00-000, PMG graded Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ. This is the highest graded note in the PMG census. (ex. “The Ibrahim Salem Collection, Heritage Auctions, 2022)

Lot 262. Banca d’Italia, 1947, Issued Banknote. Italy, 1000 Lire, P-72c, Issued Banknote, Violet-brown and brown with an ornate border, S/N W3039 034750, PMG graded Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ. Rare large format note is seldom seen in Uncirculated condition.

Archives International Auction 82 of Stocks, Bonds, and World Banknotes

Lot 433. U.S. Treasury Note, $100 Act of March 4th, 1814 Remainder. Washington D.C., March 4th, 1814 (January 1, 1815, handwritten), $100, Hessler X74C, Fr. TN-6, Remainder partially filled out, Edward Fox | Samuel Clarke | Double Signature remainder, Black printing on toned off-white paper, an eagle holding olive branches at top right, Shield, cannons and flags bottom middle, S/N 9419 pp C, PMG graded Very Fine 20 NET with a note of edge damage and small pieces missing with a small area of ink burn in the middle right, payable at 5 & 2/5% interest, Serial numbered 9419 and pen-dated Jan’y. 1., 1815 (over 4) at the top, with the year 1816 below for the one-year payable. Payable to “A S Bulloch N. Agt.” At “Philad’a.”. This note is consecutive with the one offered at Heritage in November 2020 which sold for $31,200. That example was in Choice EF 45. This is a rare opportunity to acquire an amazing U.S. rarity. This is the first time we have offered an example of this type and we are sure it will attract significant attention.

Lot 459. $5, 1899 Silver Certificate, Fr#281, Issue Banknote. Washington, D.C., $5, Fr#281, Speelman | White Signatures, Chief Tatoka-Inyankya portrait at the center, S/N N68775695 pp G, PMG graded Very Fine 25 with 3 large margins and one slightly smaller at the bottom, sharp corners, and bright colors.

Lot 465. $5, 1934 Hawaii – WWII Emergency Issue, Fr#2301m* Mule – Replacement Banknote. Hawaii, WWII Emergency Issue, $5, 1934, Fr.#2301m*, Mule (L* Block) Julian | Morgenthau, S/N L00189277* pp G bp 1163, PMG graded Very Fine 30. Only 56 examples of Replacement Mules for the $5 denomination are recorded with no previous auction records found.

Lot 617. U.S. Department of the Interior – Federal Related Cherokee Nation, 1894 Specimen Bond. Cherokee Outlet, Oklahoma Territory, 1894 (Due March 4th, 1899), $1000, 4%, Certificate of Ownership in 4% Indebtedness of the United States of America, Vignette of Cherokee Native American on the top title and bank building on left. Blue border and underprint. Specimen overprint, POC’s and “00000” serial numbers, XF condition. Location of the “Cherokee Outlet” was a strip of land in Oklahoma territory. Specimen “Certificate of Ownership in 4% Indebtedness of United States of America, Due 1899”. Back has the legend “It is hereby certified that the United States of America have agreed to pay the “Cherokee Nation” the sum of Eight Million, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($8,300,00)in five equal annual installments, beginning…..at a rate of four per centum per annum, in consideration of the purchase by the U.S.of A. from the Cherokee Nation of certain lands known as the “Cherokee Outlet.” The front of the bond has the additional text “This indebtedness was incurred by the U.S.of A. for the purchase from the Cherokee Nation of certain lands known as the Cherokee Outlet under an ACT OF CONGRESS APPROVED MARCH 3rd, 1893 and has been purchased from the Cherokee Nation and assigned as per copy of certificate of the Secretary of the Department of the Interior endorsed hereon to the UNION TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK, which holds it as trustee. Evidently, the Cherokee Nation did not want to wait for the annual settlement and took a discounted lump sum from R.T. Wilson & Company as factors. The amount of discount is not listed. Extremely rare and historic U.S. Federally related bond. ABNC.

Auction 82 Schedule

Tuesday, January 24, 2023: Lots 1 to 726 in 2 Sessions

Session 1 – Lots 1 to 544 beginning at 11:00 AM EST:

  • U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Historic Ephemera, and Security Printing Ephemera

Session 2 – Lots 545 to 726 beginning no earlier than 3:00 PM EST after Session 1 is Complete:

  • U.S. & Worldwide Scripophily

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Feel free to write to Archives International Auctions, at 1580 Lemoine Ave., Suite #7, Fort Lee, NJ 07024 U.S.A. To learn more about Archives International Auctions and upcoming auctions, log on to www.ArchivesInternational.com.

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