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Baldwin’s Announces: The Arielle Collection, Part Two: British Colonial Coins

The first day of Baldwin’s three-day May auction calendar will contain the second part of one of the most impressive British colonial coin collections to have ever been offered for sale by public auction. Part One of The Arielle Collection sold through Baldwin’s Coinex auctions in September 2013, where every one of the 818 lots sold for an exceptional sale total of £505,092.

Compiled by a collector who sought out only the finest specimens, the second and final part of the collection will comprise 980 lots. His impeccable collection includes many pattern and proof coins from British Guiana, British Honduras, British West Indies, Hong Kong, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, Cyprus, Fiji, the Ionian Island and New Zealand.

One of the most expensive coins in the sale, a 1905B uncirculated Straits Settlements Edward VII (1901-1910) Silver Proof 50-Cents from the Diana Collection. Issued shortly before coinage of the Straits Settlements was demonetised on 31st December 1952, is estimated to sell for £5,000 – 8,000. [Lot 487]

ceylon1Many of the coins in the Arielle collection have a connection to the numismatic legend, Major F. Pridmore, and are fascinating pieces of numismatic history. Of note is an 1815 George III (1760-1820) Silver Pattern-Rix Dollar. Bearing a strong similarity to the 1821 coinage of George IV, Major Pridmore has made the argument that this is a proof and not a pattern. Generally, we have called coins made, but not issued for circulation, patterns, but Pridmore argues that 10,000 were supposed to

have been issued, but as it never happened, what is the proper description for this coin? All known pieces were struck as proofs and this pushes the argument back to describing them as patterns, as they did not enter circulation. This well debated coin is estimated at £3,000 – 4,000. [Lot 283]

With an extremely good provenance an 1866 Victoria (1837-1901), Unique Bronze Pattern 1/26-Shilling from Jersey, is sure to cause a stir amongst collectors. The unique undated specimen has come from the collections of Pridmore, R. J. Ford and A.L.T. McCammon and was keenly fought over at the Pridmore sale in1981. Very used to being unchallenged in his quest to purchase the most expensive proofs and patterns, Richard Ford was aggrieved to have been bid up to £2,600 for this coin. He was however the successful purchaser, but in a strange twist of fate the under bidder, Anthony McCammon secured the coin for his collection some nine years later at exactly the same price. This very special coin is estimated at £2,000 – 3,000. [Lot 100]

ship1From more exotic locations, an ex Edward Roehrs collection 1807George III (1760-1820) Restrike Bronzed Copper Proof Penny from the Bahamas, is a coin that has intrigued the cataloguer of this collection. Unlike all the 1806 coins which are struck on a coin die axis, this coin is struck on a medal die axis. It raises the question of when this coin was in fact created. There are differences on all three of the Bahamas Pennies in the collection, and nothing is conclusive, but a mystery yet to be solved. One of only three known to exist, it is estimated at £3,000 – 4,000. [Lot 723]

A stunning 1875H Victoria (1837-1901), Silver Specimen 20-Cents from Hong Kong is one of nine pieces found in the Heaton Mint, Birmingham, Archives, in various states of striking quality. The finest pieces of this date are the only 19th century Heaton coins that could be considered proofs as they were of the same quality as any proof from the Royal Mint. This exceptional coin is estimated to sell for £1,500 – 2,000. [Lot 652]

The auction will be held in the CIPFA Conference Centre, 3 Robert Street, London on Tuesday 6th May. Baldwin’s three-day auction schedule will include European coins from the collection of numismatist Ake Linden and The Hemisphere Collection of Gold Sovereigns. The catalogues for all three auctions will be available to view online at www.baldwin.com, and online biding with no additional premium is available through the services of www.the-saleroom.com.

About Baldwins

With a history dating back to 1872 Baldwin’s is one of the largest and longest established Numismatic dealers and auction houses in the world. Our dedicated team of specialists have over 300 years combined experience covering all areas of numismatics including English, Ancient and Foreign coins, military and commemorative medals, tokens, books and banknotes.

Launched in 1993 Baldwin’s auction department has grown from strength to strength hosting more than eighteen prestigious international auctions each year in London, New York and Hong Kong.

The merger of A. H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd with our parent company Noble Investments (UK) PLC in 2005, and the subsequent acquisitions by them of Apex Philatelics in 2008 and Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions in 2012, has seen the company expanded to become a formidable player operating at the forefront of the global collectibles market. Together we hold a diverse calendar of over 150 international auctions each year across all collecting disciplines.

Baldwin’s broadcast all of their main auctions over the internet and provides a live bidding service throughwww.the-saleroom.com/baldwins

Estimates do not include buyer’s premium and prices achieved include the hammer price plus buyer’s premium. Images are available upon request and all catalogues are available to view online at www.baldwin.co.uk

For More Information about Baldwin’s

Visit us at www.baldwin.co.uk
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Baldwin’s is a long-established company, with a history going back to the 1872. A.H. Baldwin and Sons Ltd offer coins for collectors, including Ancient, Mediaeval, British and Foreign Coins, Commemorative Medals, Tokens and Numismatic Books. Our stock is the largest in the UK. Baldwins also organise Auctions. We conduct regular auctions of all numismatic material; coins from all areas and historical periods but also Banknotes, Military Medals and Books. The Auctions are run worldwide : London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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