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Ascension Island Centenary of the First World War Coins from Pobjoy

Centenary of the First World War - Pobjoy Mint

Also known as the ‘Great War’ the First World War was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28th July 1914 to 11th November 1918. Over 70 million military personnel were mobilized in one of the largest wars in history. The trigger for the war was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. This set off a diplomatic crisis and entangled international alliances which had been formed over previous decades. Within weeks the major powers were at war and the conflict soon spread around the world.

The coin is entitled The Last Post which is a bugle or trumpet call used at Commonwealth military funerals and ceremonies commemorating those who have been killed in the war. Originally the Last Post merely signaled that the final sentry post had been inspected and the camp was secure for the night. In addition, the Last Post had another function and at the close of a day of battle it signaled to those who were still out and wounded or separated that the fighting was done, and to follow the sound of the call to find safety and rest.

The coin shows a bugler sounding the Last Post in front of a group of soldiers. Their camp can be seen in the background with the flag at half-mast and Poppies are shown in the foreground in remembrance of those who lost their lives. This stunning coin is also available with the poppies beautifully colored as a reminder of the number of people who did not return from this war.

Centenary of the First World War

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