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Atlas Numismatics: New Ancient, World Coin Inventory – June 2016


New Inventory

These 6 are just a sample of the 385 recent additions to our inventory. We have added new material in Ancient (81), World (794) and US (15).

Selections from our Inventory

Superb 1934 Czechoslovakia 2 Ducats

1934 Czechoslovakia 2 Ducats. Image courtesy Atlas Numismatics

All images courtesy Atlas Numismatics

1037899 | CZECHOSLOVAKIA. 1934 AV 2 Dukaten. PCGS MS67. S CIVITATIS REGIS CAROL DE CREMNICA. Praying haloed Catherine right in flower shaped frame, circumscription in hexagonal frame / Mining scenes depicting above- and underground work, fineness punch and signature A. HAM (Anton Hám) to the right. X M19; Friedberg 15.

Reopening of the mines of Kremnitz. 159 examples struck. Virtually flawless prooflike gem.

Please use this link to verify the PCGS certification number 80484252

Exceptional Danish West Indies 10 Daler

Danish West Indies 10 Daler. Image courtesy Atlas Numismatics

1037450 | DANISH WEST INDIES. Christian IX. 1904-(h) AV 10 Daler, 50 Francs. NGC MS63. Copenhagen. Head left /Seated liberty figure divides denominations, date below. KM 73; Friedberg 1.

Frosty choice mint state, very rare as such.

Please use this link to verify the NGC certification number 4337097002

Beautifully Toned Fantasy Talari

Ethiopia, Menelik II Fantasy Talari. Image courtesy Atlas Numismatics

1036893 | ETHIOPIA. Menelik II. (Emperor, 1889-1913). EE1889 (1897) AR Talari Fantasy. NGC PR65. High relief crowned bust, left. / Lion of Judah, left with vexilla. KM X-2.

Stunning rainbow toning, incredible eye appeal.

Please use this link to verify the NGC certification number 3235577011

Incredible Magdeburg 3 Reichsmark

Magdeburg 3 Reichsmark. Image courtesy Atlas Numismatics

1037138 | GERMANY, WEIMAR REPUBLIC. 1931-A AR 3 Reichsmark. PCGS PR68DCAM (Deep Cameo). Berlin. Eagle on shield, scalloped design in background / Shield divides dates above city scene. KM 72; Jaeger 347.

300th anniversary of the rebuilding of the city of Magdeburg. Stunning and virtually flawless gem, an incredible example.

Please use this link to verify the PCGS certification number 81005185

Wonderful Gold Diamond Jubilee Medal of Victoria

Gold Diamond Jubilee Medal of Victoria. Image courtesy Atlas Numismatics

1037504 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. (Queen, 1837-1901). 1897 AV Medal. NGC MS64. By T. Brock. Edge: Smooth. 55mm. 94.11gm. VICTORIA ANNVM REGNI SEXAGESIMVM FELICITER CLAVDIT XX IVN • MDCCCXCVII • . Mature bust of Victoria wearing crown and veil, left, initials T.B. on truncation and date in Roman numerals in legends /LONGI-TVDO DIERVM IN DEXTERA EIVS / ET IN SINISTRA GLORIA. Young head bust of Victoria, left, olive branch and date 1837, below. BHM-3506.

Superb satiny surfaces with exceptional eye appeal, one of the finest surviving examples of the type.

Includes original case.

Please use this link to verify the NGC certification number 4354643001

Superb Novodel Rarity

Superb Novodel Rarity. Image courtesy Atlas Numismatics

1037898 | RUSSIA. Elizabeth. (Queen, 1741-1761). 1755 CU Kopek. NGC MS65BN (Brown). Bust, right / Date above ornately bordered crowned Imperial coat of arms. KM Unlisted; Bitkin H587 (R3).

Exceedingly rare, we cannot find another example that has sold at public auction in the last decade. Lovely glossy original surfaces.

Please use this link to verify the NGC certification number 4337073001

Upcoming Events

Atlas Numismatics will be attending the following numismatic conventions. Please stop by and say hello if you have a chance.

Whitman Baltimore Summer Expo – Please contact us to make an appointment

July 14-15, 2016
Baltimore, MD

The 2016 World’s Fair of Money – Table #761 & 763

August 9-13, 2016
American Numismatic Association (ANA)
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

Hong Kong Coin Show (HKCS) – Table #H6

August 19-21, 2016
The Mira
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Appraisal and Buying

Atlas Numismatics is actively seeking to purchase individual items and whole collections. Please contact us if you have rare or exceptional world, ancient or United States coins for sale; click here for more information.

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Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.

For more information and to sign up for the firm’s monthly newsletter, visit www.atlasnumismatics.com.

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