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Atlas Numismatics Publishes August Fixed-Price List


By Atlas Numismatics….

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 289 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed price. Selections include the following items:

Superb Syracuse Decadrachm, Ex-Hess-Leu 1958

  • 1030325 | GREEK. SICILY. Syracuse. Hicetas (Hiketas). (Tyrant, circa 288-279/8 BC). AV Decadrachm. NGC Ch. AU✭ (Choice About Uncirculated ✭) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5 Fine Style. 4.25gm. Head of Persephone left, decorated hair of ears; behind a torch / Biga led by Nike galloping right. Buttrey NC 1973 9 3-G; Jameson 871; Luynes in 1340; Gulbenkian 345 var; SNG ANS 776; Béhague 65.
  • Superb and exceptional, deep honey-gold patina, excellent strike and centering.
  • Ex-Hess-Leu (04/02/1958), lot 105 and NGSA II (2002), lot 25.
  • US$13,500

Beautifully Toned 16-Litrae

  • 1030257 | GREEK. SICILY. Syracuse. Philistis. (Queen and Wife of Hieron II, 274-216 BCE). AR 16-Litrae. NGC Ch. AU (Choice About Uncirculated) Strike 4/5 Surface 5/5. 13.44gm. Veiled head of Philistis, left; ear of corn, behind / ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΑΣ / ΦΙΛΙΣΤΙΔΟΣ. Quadriga right; crescent moon above; ear of corn before. Burnett 41; SNG ANS 882.
  • Superb surfaces and very attractive cabinet patina, one of the nicest examples we have encountered.
  • $4950

Affordable Claudius Aureus

  • 1031698 | ROMAN IMPERIAL. Claudius. (Emperor, 41-54 CE). Struck 50-54 AD. AV Aureus. NGC VF (Very Fine) Strike 5/5 Surface 3/5 Edge Marks. Rome. 7.73gm. TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TRIB POT P P. Head of Claudius, laureate, right / AGRIPPINAE AVGVSTAE. Bust of Agrippina the Younger, draped, right, wearing a crown of corn-ears; hair in a long plait behind. RIC-80.
  • Very rare.
  • $8,500

Attractively Toned Salzburg Sede Vacante Medal

  • 1032018 | AUSTRIAN STATES. Salzburg. Sede Vacante. 1772 AR Medal. PCGS SP63. By F. Matzenkopf. 56mm. 61.56gm. CORONA CANONICORUM ECCLESIÆ METROPOLITANÆ SALISBURGENSIS · MDCCLXXII/SANCTUS · RUPERTUS ·. Half-length bust of S. Rudbertus facing slightly left, holding crozier and salt cellar; all set upon altar with garnished coat-of-arms; border of 12 coats-of-arms around; crowned floral scroll above / CAPITULUM METROPOLITNUM SALISBURGENSE REGNANS SEDE VACANTE ·/SANCTUS · VIRGILIUS ·. Half-length bust of S. Virgilius facing slightly left, holding crozier and Cathedral model; all set upon altar; border of 12 coats-of-arms around; crowned floral scroll above. Montenuovo 3161; Zepernick 61.
  • Housed in an oversized holder.
  • $1,850

Virtually Flawless Prussian Proof 20 Mark

  • 1032166 | GERMAN STATES. Prussia. Wilhelm II. 1913-A AV 20 Mark. NGC PR66UCAM (Ultra Cameo). Uniformed bust right / Crowned imperial eagle with shield on breast. KM 537; Fr. 3833.
  • $8,750

The Owl and The Pussycat

  • 1032463 | GERMANY. Harz. Undated AR Jeton. PCGS MS63. 23mm. 2.79gm. Lurking cat, head turned to left / Owl on wheel. Elbeshausen C 29.
  • $395

Richly Toned Queen Anne Gold Medallion

  • 1032034 | GREAT BRITAIN. England. Anne. (Queen, 1702-1714). 1702 AV Medal. NGC MS61. By J. Croker. 25mm. 18.6gm. ANNA · D · G · MAG · BR FR · ET · HIB · REGINA ·. Diademed and draped bust left / VICEM GERIT · ILLA · TONANTIS ·. Anne (as Pallas-Athena) standing right, holding shield and hurling thunderbolt at two-headed and four-armed serpentine monster (James ‘III’ and Louis XIV) to right, holding rocks and clubs; in two lines in exergue, INAVGVRAT · XXIII · AP/MDCCII ·. MI 228/4; Eimer 390.
  • Superb prooflike surfaces and rich honey-gold color, the finest example of the type we have encountered.
  • $13,500

Exceedingly Rare Silver Proof Halfpenny, Provenance from 1906

  • 1032399 | GREAT BRITAIN. George II. 1729 AR Halfpenny. NGC PR63. Edge: Plain. 10.88gm. GEORGIVS – II · REX ·. Laureate bust left / BRITAN – NIA ·. Brittania seated left. KM 566 Variant; S-3717 Variant; Peck 834.
  • Struck on a thick (2 mm) specially prepared planchet. Exceedingly rare, only 2 pieces recorded by Peck (both in museums). Superb rich olive antique patina, razor-sharp strike.
  • Ex-C E G Mackerell collection sold at Sothebys, 14 May 1906, lot 169 (part) with his ticket. Includes original collector’s ticket noting “Mackinell Coll. 1/2/-” (purchase price £1, 2 shillings).
  • $7,500

Appealing George II Five Guineas

  • 1032230 | GREAT BRITAIN. George II. (King, 1727-1760). 1738 AV Five Guineas. NGC XF45. Edge: DECVS • ET • TUTAMEN • ANNO • REGNI • DVODECIMO. GEORGIVS · II · – DEI · GRATIA ·. Laureate head left / F · D · B · ET · L · D · S · R · I · A · T · ET · E · – M · B · F · ET · H · REX ·. Crowned 4-fold arms. KM 571.1; SCBC-3663A; Fr.-332.
  • Guinea Coinage.
  • $32,500

One of the Finest Surviving Gothic Crowns

  • 1032693 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. (Queen, 1837-1901). 1847 AR Gothic Crown. PCGS PR67 Cameo. Edge: UN DECIMO . VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR. REG: F:D. Crowned bust left / TUEATUR UNITA DEUS, ANNO DOM MDCCCXLVII. Crowned shields of England, Scotland and Ireland in cross formation with flowers at corners. KM 744; SCBC-3883; ESC-288.
  • Stunning iridescent gem, virtually flawless and very likely the finest surviving example of the Gothic crown type in existence. PCGS has graded one other example at this level (none finer) but without the eye appeal of this piece; NGC has graded one PF67 without the cameo designation and none finer.
  • $67,500

Presentation Striking Napoleon I 5 Lire

  • 1032369 | ITALIAN STATES. Kingdom Of Napoleon. Napoleon I. 1812-M AR 5 Lire. NGC SP64. Milan. Edge: Large, incuse inscription. NAPOLEONE… Head right / REGNO D’ ITALIA. Shield on eagle within crowned mantle. KM 10.4; Dav 202; Pagani 30a.
  • Exceedingly rare proof or specimen striking with raised rims and mirrored fields.
  • $11,500

Edward, Prince of Wales, Visits the United States

  • 1031205 | UNITED STATES. Great Britain. Edward. (Prince of Wales). 1919 Matte Bronze Medal. PCGS SP64. By John Flanagan for the American Numismatic Society. 62mm. Edward Prince of Wales, uniformed bust right / Between oak branches, Columbia, standing, opens arms in welcome. Giordano-CM44a; BHM 4136; Eimer 1968.
  • Struck to commemorate the Royal Visit to the United States in November 1919. Edge stamped “32” of 227 issued in bronze.
  • Housed in an oversized holder.
  • $395


Updates to online inventory are issued monthly.

For more information and to sign up for the firm’s monthly newsletter, visit www.atlasnumismatics.com.

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