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Atlas Numismatics Publishes Newest Fixed-Price List


By Atlas Numismatics….

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 165 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed price. Selections include the following items:

Superb Athenian Owl

  • 1017699 | GREEK. ATTICA. Athens. Struck circa 440-404 BC. AR Tetradrachm. NGC MS✭ (Mint State ✭) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. 17.18gm. Helmeted head of Athena right / Owl standing right, head facing; olive sprig and crescent behind; AΘE to right; all within incuse square. Kroll 8; SNG Copenhagen 31.
  • $5,950

Rare Republican Denarius, Possibly Depicting Vercingetorix

  • 1030578 | ROMAN REPUBLICAN. L. Hostilius Saserna. Struck 48 BC. AR Denarius. NGC MS✭ (Mint State ✭) Strike 4/5 Surface 5/5. Rome. 3.88gm. Head of Gallic warrior (Vercingetorix?) right, with limed hair flowing back and goatee, chain around his neck; Gallic shield behind / L • HOSTILIVS above, SASERN below. Gallic warrior standing left in galloping biga right, brandishing spear, driver holding reins and whip. Crawford 448/2a; CRI 18; Sydenham 952; RSC Hostilia 2.
  • $13,500

Gem Bermuda Ship Penny

  • 1018937 | BERMUDA. George III. 1793 CU Penny. NGC MS65RB (Red-Brown). GEORGIVS III · D · G · REX. Laureate head right; DROZ F. incuse on shoulder / Three masted ship at sea. KM 5.
  • Lovely gem with sharp raised rims, extremely rare as a gem original currency striking. One of the finest surviving examples.
  • $3,450

Prooflike “100 Days” 2 Francs of Napoleon

  • 1031050 | FRANCE. 1815-A AR 2 Francs. PCGS MS64. Paris. NAPOLEON EMPEREUR. Laureate head right / EMPIRE FRANCAIS. Denomination within wreath. KM 703; Gad 510.
  • Fully prooflike and likely a presentation or specimen striking. Beautiful olive and gold cabinet patina.
  • $9,500

Stunning Proof Hamburg 2 Mark

  • 1031159 | GERMAN STATES. Hamburg. 1913-J AR 2 Mark. PCGS PR66 Cameo. Hamburg. Edge: Reeded. FREIE UND HANSESTADT HAMBURG. Helmeted arms with lion supporters / DEUTSCHES REICH 1899, ZWEI MARK below. Crowned imperial eagle. KM 612.
  • $1,150

Gem Proof Wurttemberg Double-Thaler

  • 1032335 | GERMAN STATES. Wurttemberg. Karl I. 1871 AR 2 Thaler, 3-1/2 Gulden. NGC PR65. KARL KOENIG VON WUERTTEMBERG. Head right / ZUR ERINNERUNG AN D. WIEDERHERSTELLUNG (inner row) D. MUNSTERS IN ULM date, ZWEI THALER below. Ulm Cathedral. KM 618; AKS 131; Dav 961; Kahnt 595; Thun 442.
  • Superb gem proof with delicate pastel toning.
  • $5,950

Teas Coffee Spices & Sugars

  • 1018473 | GREAT BRITAIN. Somersetshire, Bath. 1794 CU Halfpenny Token. PCGS MS66BN (Brown). Edge: YORK BUILT A.M. 1223. CATHEDRAL REBUILT A.D. 1075 +. TEAS COFFEE SPICES & SUGARS. A camel and radiation; pentagonal star in exergue / M. LAMBE & SON TEA-DEALERS & GROCERS BATH. View of the “INDIA HOUSE 1793” within a beaded circle. DH 50e.
  • $575

Beautiful Young Head Sixpence of Victoria

  • 1030660 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1839 AR Sixpence. PCGS PR65. Head left / Without die number. KM 733.1; S 3908.
  • Wonderful vibrant emerald toning, the most attractive example of the type we have seen.
  • $3,250


Proof Hungarian 100 Korona

  • 1018987 | HUNGARY. Franz Joseph I. (Emperor, 1848-1916). 1907-KB AV 100 Korona. NGC PR64. Kormoczbanya. Edge: BIZALMAM AZ ÖSI ERÈNYBEN. FERENCZ JOZSEF I•K•A•CS•ES M•H•S•D•O•AP•KIR•. Laureate head right, date below / MEGKORONAZTATASANAK NEGYVENEDIK EVFORDULOJARA 1867-1907. Coronation scene. KM 490; Fr 256.
  • $27,500

Choice Mint State Pezza Della Rosa

  • 1032357 | ITALIAN STATES. Livorno. 1699 AR Pezza Della Rosa. NGC MS63. Crown breaks legend. KM 15.2; CNI 59; Dav 4216; Galeotti 48/16.
  • Very rare in this quality.
  • $6,750

Current and Upcoming Events

Atlas will be attending the following numismatic conventions. Please stop by and say hello if you have a chance:

ANA World’s Fair of Money – Table #1428
August 11 – August 15, 2015
Rosemont, Illinois

Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly. For more information and to sign up for the firm’s monthly newsletter, visit www.atlasnumismatics.com.

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