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Atlas Numismatics Update Regarding Covid-19

Atlas Numismatics

Dear Clients,

Atlas Numismatics is located in New York City and due to the current global health crisis, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), as of March 20 the City and State of New York have issued orders limiting businesses from regular operations until further notice.

Shipping companies are considered essential businesses and as such are operating close to normal schedules. The carriers that Atlas uses to ship orders (FedEx, USPS (post), UPS and DHL) are all operating in New York City and across America. We are pleased to confirm that Atlas will continue taking orders and shipping orders (this also applies to Atlas Numismatics’ eBay Store).

Please note that our ability to respond to offers and to process and ship orders may be slightly delayed. We encourage you to let us know in advance of making an order, if you have any special requests or to let us know if an order can be shipped as time permits, or held to ship at a later date (our full refund return policy remains valid and is extended until you receive an order).

We remain available by email if you have any specific questions that we can assist you with, or if you have any other concerns about orders and shipping.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Atlas Numismatics

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