Atlas Numismatics Publishes their Newest Fixed-Price List


Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 380 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed price. Selections include the following items:

Fine Style Pergamum Stater

1033796 | GREEK. MYSIA. Pergamum. Struck after 336 BC. AV Stater. NGC MS (Mint State) Strike 4/5 Surface 5/5 Fine Style. 8.62gm. Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin / Archaistic Palladion: statue of Pallas Athena standing facing, holding spear aloft in right hand, preparing to strike, on left arm, a shield adorned with a four-point star and fillet hanging below; to lower left, a crested Corinthian helmet right; all within concave circular incuse. Callataÿ, Statères 2 (D2/R3); Von Fritze, Pergamon 7 var. (rev. not incuse); SNG France 1557 = De Luynes 2493; Gulbenkian 699 = Jameson 2580 var. (same); PCG pl. 28, 25 var. (same).

Very rare. Superb lustrous surfaces, struck from fine style dies in high relief. Ex Dr. Lawrence Adams.

Choice Mint State Daric

1034235 | CENTRAL ASIAN. ACHAEMENID EMPIRE. Persia. Darios I – Xerxes II. (Circa 485-420 BC). Struck circa 5th Century BC. AV Daric. NGC Ch. MS (Choice Mint State) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. Sardes. 8.30gm. Persian king or hero, wearing kidaris and kandys, quiver over shoulder, in kneeling-running stance right, holding spear in right hand, bow in left / Incuse punch. Carradice Type IIIb, Group A/B (pl. XIII, 27); Meadows, Administration 321; BMC Arabia pl. XXIV, 26; Sunrise 24.

Superb and virtually as struck, extremely rare in this quality.

Beautiful War of the Spanish Succession Klippe Medal

1032850 | AUSTRIA. Joseph I. 1706 AR Medal, Klippe. PCGS AU55. G. F. Nürnberger, engraver. 39.05×39.23mm. 14.75gm. Two armored figures fighting in the clouds; REGNABO (I will reign) inscribed over the upper figure’s shield; REGNAVI, (I reigned) inscribed over the lower figure’s shield; four people watching the fight from below / D. 7 FEBR. /1536/GFN in exergue / RE/GNABO./CAROLVS/III . REX HISPA/NIAE./MDCCVI/MDXXXVI/CLXX. in eight lines and RE/GNAVI./ANIOV./MDCCVI. in four lines across opposite fields. VQR 14012; Montenuovo 1339; van Loon IV 447.
Commemorating the Grand Alliance’s Victories in the War of the Spanish Succession. Lovely antique patina. Ex Ernst Otto Horn collection. Housed in an oversized holder.

Colorful Gem “Fat Man” Dollar

1034055 | CHINA, REPUBLIC OF. Yuan Shikai. (President, 1912-1915). 1914 (Year 3) AR Dollar. PCGS MS65. By Luigi Giorgi. (Chinese inscription). Bust left, date and nationality in legend, above / Demonination within wreath. Y-329; LM-63 圎 NC.

Superb colorful toning.

Extremely Rare Comoros Essai 5 Francs

1034066 | COMOROS. Said Ali bin Said Omar of Grande Comore. (Sultan, 1885-1909). AH1308 Silvered Bronze Essai 5 Francs. PCGS SP66. Paris. Edge: Reeded. 20.68gm. (Arabic inscription). Arrangement of traditional and modern weapons / (Arabic inscription). Crossed flags with Star and Crescent of Islam between. Lec.-7.

Exceedingly rare. Superb gem, virtually as struck with only some light raised die polish lines.

Fashionable Jean Jaques Rousseau Medal

1031150 | FRANCE. (c. 1778) Bronzed AE Medal. PCGS SP64. By Georg Christian Waechter. 55mm. Three-quarter facing bust left / INGENIO ET LIBERTATI PATRIAE in wreath. Haller 264.

Struck in honor of the Enlightenment philosopher, writer, and composer, Jean Jaques Rousseau (1712-1778).

Housed in an oversized holder.

Sensational German East Africa 5 Heller

1032878 | GERMAN EAST AFRICA. Wihelm II. 1909-J AE 5 Heller. PCGS PR66+RB (Red-Brown). Hamburg. Edge: Plain. Crown with ribbon above date / Denomination within wreath. KM 11; J 717.
Stunning gem, virtually as struck.

Virtually Flawless Friedrich Wilhelm III Bronze Medal, With Box

1032157 | GERMAN STATES. Prussia. Friedrich Wilhelm III. 1840 AE Medal. PCGS SP67. By Loos and Koenig. 41.5mm. Bust of Friedrich Wilhelm III left / Standing Angel of Death with seated History. Marienburg 3850 Var.

On the death of Friedrich Wilhelm III. Stunning and virtually flawless.
Includes original red leather box.

Expressive Portrait of Edward VI

1033685 | GREAT BRITAIN. England. Edward VI. (King, 1537-1553). (1551-53) AR Shilling. PCGS AU50. Facing crowned portrait, rose to left, value to right which is within linear and beaded circles surrounding, initial mark tun both sides / Quartered shield of arms upon long cross fourchée. N 1937; S 2482.

Lovely antique patina, an exceptional portrait for the type.


1018236 | GREAT BRITAIN. Middlesex. 1800 WM Penny Token. NGC MS61. Peter Kempson, Faming Monopolies. Man’s head in profile left trying to swallow the world, wearing a cap upon which is inscribed POSSESSION. MORE WAREHOUSE ROOM WHEAT IS BUT 22 SHILLINGS A BUSHEL above, 1800 IN DISTRESS below, TAKE NOT WHAT WAS MADE FOR ALL around, THE UNCHARITABLE MONOPOLIZER WILL STARVE THE POOR around all / Hand dropping coins into outstretched hands, under a radiated eye labeled WELL DONE, with THE CHARITABLE HAND COME . ALL . YE . DISTRESSED * around. D&H 239.

Fully prooflike and very attractive

Two “Bull Heads” on a Halfcrown

1033666 | GREAT BRITAIN. George III. 1817 AR Halfcrown. PCGS Genuine Graffiti – AU Details Mint Error – Full Brockage Reverse. S 3788.
Exceedingly rare, and quite possibly unique. Lovely original surfaces with a few small test scratches by the date.


Colorful Brockage Gothic Florin

1033678 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1872 AR Gothic Florin. PCGS XF45 Mint Error – Full Brockage Reverse. Gothic-type bust I. KM 746.2; SCBC 3893.

Exceedingly rare. Beautifully toned.

Proof Isle of Man Penny

1033407 | ISLE OF MAN. 1811 CU Penny. PCGS PR63BN (Brown). PEEL CASTLE ISLE OF MAN. Sailboat, city view within circle / DOUGLAS BANK TOKEN…. Inscription, date. KM Tn6; W 2060; Prid. 51.

Extremely rare in proof. Stunning emerald toning over deeply reflective surfaces. Much more attractive than the grade suggests.

Stunning Utrecht Rose Noble

1033847 | NETHERLANDS. Utrecht. ND(ca. 1600-02) AV Rose Noble. NGC MS65. Ruler in ship in inner circle / Radiant sun surrounded by crowned lions and lis. KM 6; Friedberg 277; P&W Ut 20; Delmonte, Or 958.

Scarce in circulated grades but exceedingly rare in this quality. Stunning sharply struck lustrous gem, the finest certified example of the type and quite likely the finest surviving example extant.

Ex Dr. Lawrence A. Adams Collection.

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