Here are 10 examples of CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) approved coins that have drawn premiums recently, from among many that could be listed (prices cited include buyer’s premium):

1. In the Goldbergs sale in Los Angeles shortly before the winter Long Beach Expo, a CAC MS-65 1900 Lafayette commemorative silver dollar brought $5,581 USD. At the FUN Convention in January 2018, two other certified MS-65 1900 Lafayette dollars, without CAC stickers, were auctioned for $3,360 and $2,880, respectively.

2. The Goldbergs auctioned a CAC Proof-65 1883 half dollar for $3,819. On September 5, 2017, Bonhams auctioned a certified Proof-65 1883, without a CAC sticker, for $1,521. In June 2017, Stack’s-Bowers auctioned another non-CAC Proof-65 1883 half dollar, which realized $2,350.

3. A CAC Proof-67 1907 quarter realized $3,525 in this Goldberg’s auction. This same coin was auctioned by Stack’s-Bowers for $4,935 in March 2017. In November 2017, Stack’s-Bowers auctioned a certified Proof-67 quarter without a CAC sticker, for $2,400.

4. The Goldbergs auctioned a CAC MS-67 Vancouver 1925 commemorative half dollar for $3,055. Another major auction firm recently auctioned two other certified MS-67 Vancouver 1925 halves, both without CAC approval: one in December for $2,040 and another in November 2017 for $2,640.

5. The Goldbergs auctioned a CAC EF-45 1861-S $20 gold coin for $2,703. At the ANA Convention in August 2017, a certified EF-45 1861-S, without a CAC sticker, went for $1,762.50.

6. The Goldbergs auctioned three certified MS-64 1927-S Peace silver dollars in their February auction. One of the three had a CAC sticker and it brought $1,175. The other two went for $588 and $499, respectively.

7. Well-circulated coins with CAC stickers brought premiums, too. A CAC Very Fine-35 1895-S silver dollar was auctioned by the Goldbergs for $940. Another auction firm auctioned two non-CAC, certified VF-35 1895-S Morgans, one for $630 in September and the other for $576 in December.

8. On February 25, GreatCollections sold a CAC-approved MS-65 1901-S silver dollar for $4,708.12. The same firm sold a non-CAC certified MS-65 1901-S earlier the same month, on February 4, for $1,913.62 and another without a sticker less than two weeks later, on March 4, for $1,867.50.

9. On February 25, GreatCollections sold a CAC AU-58 1882-CC $20 gold coin for $9,562.50. During the same week, Heritage auctioned an AU-58 1882-CC, without a CAC sticker, for $7,800.

10. At the Long Beach Expo in February, Heritage auctioned a CAC approved MS-64 1875-CC half dollar for $7,440, a result that is more than twice as much as any non-CAC MS-64 1875-CC half has realized at auction since CAC was founded in 2007. Fifty “MS-64” 1875-CC halves have been certified by the leading grading services, 10 of which have been CAC approved.


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