Finest PCGS CAC Walking Liberty Half Dollar Collection Offered by GreatCollections

The Rollo Fox Collection is Ranked #1 at PCGS


The #1 PCGS Registry Set of CAC-approved Walking Liberty Half Dollars formed by noted numismatist Mr. Rollo Fox is being auctioned by GreatCollections. The complete collection of 72 coins dated from 1916 through 1947 is graded by PCGS with CAC approval and includes each date and mint mark of the popular series in business strikes and Proofs dated from 1938 through 1942.

Fox assembled the collection over the past few years initially as a side project to his impressive Saint-Gaudens collection of a similar design that was auctioned in 2020. Fox came to appreciate the challenge of assembling a complete set of Walking Liberty Half Dollars in high grade with CAC approval. Thirty-five coins out of 72–almost half of the collection–rank as the highest numerical grades approved by CAC.

Some of the highlights include the key date 1921-S, graded PCGS MS-65 CAC. Only five coins have been approved by CAC at this level with none finer. Its counterpart, the 1921-D, also known as a key date for the series, is graded MS-65+ CAC. The 1917-D and 1917-S (both Obverse and Reverse of each) are all graded PCGS MS-65 CAC or PCGS MS-65+ CAC.

In later-date condition rarities, a standout is the 1942-S, graded PCGS MS-67+ CAC, one of only three coins to grade this high at PCGS. The 1942 minted in Philadelphia is the only reported example graded 67+ with CAC approval. The 1945, 1946, and 1947 coins are all graded PCGS MS-67+ CAC.

Ian Russell, president of GreatCollections said, “What a privilege it is to handle these coins for Rollo. With the sheer number of finest knowns in this collection, we are expecting spirited bidding, plus many of the coins so rarely appear on the market. I know collectors will appreciate the quality Rollo aimed for in putting together this complete set.”

All 72 coins are being sold unreserved with bidding to end on Sunday, May 22 and Sunday May 29, 2022. To view high-quality images and register to bid visit or call 1-800-442-6467.

Some of the highlights from the Fox Collection of Walking Liberty Half Dollars include:

  • ​​1916-D PCGS MS-67 CAC (Toned)
  • 1917-D Obverse Mintmark PCGS MS-65+ CAC (Toned)
  • 1917-D Reverse Mintmark PCGS MS-65+ CAC
  • 1917-S Reverse Mintmark PCGS MS-65+ CAC
  • 1919 PCGS MS-66+ CAC (Toned)
  • 1919-S PCGS MS-66 CAC
  • 1920-D PCGS MS-65+ CAC
  • 1920-S PCGS MS-65+ CAC (Toned)
  • 1921 PCGS MS-65+ CAC
  • 1921-D PCGS MS-65+ CAC
  • 1921-S PCGS MS-65 CAC
  • 1923-S PCGS MS-65+ CAC
  • 1936 PCGS Proof-67 CAC
  • 1936-D PCGS MS-67+ CAC (Toned)
  • 1937-D PCGS MS-67+ CAC
  • 1937-S PCGS MS-67+ CAC
  • 1938 PCGS Proof-67+ CAC
  • 1938-D PCGS MS-67+ CAC
  • 1939 PCGS MS-68+ CAC
  • 1940 PCGS Proof-68+ CAC
  • 1942-D PCGS MS-68 CAC
  • 1942-S PCGS MS-67+ CAC
  • 1943-S PCGS MS-67+ CAC
  • 1945-S PCGS MS-67+ CAC (Toned)
  • 1946-S PCGS MS-67+ CAC (Toned)
  • 1947-D PCGS MS-67+ CAC

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