Heritage Offers Minting Miscues From the Don Bonser Collection, Part 1

When coins are manufactured, things don’t necessarily go as planned, and the results can be both very intriguing and highly collectible.

The Don Bonser Collection of United States Error Coins, Part 1 is evidence of this, containing over 160 examples of Murphy’s Law in action. This month-long auction is open now for bidding at Coins.HA.com, and will end with a live session beginning at 6PM on November 6.

Like any other manufacturing facility, the United States Mint has quality controls, and the vast majority of mint errors never leave the Mint. This is especially true with Proof issues, which are made at a much slower rate – and with much tighter quality control – than ordinary circulation strike coins.

Still, some Proof errors are released, and these are highly desirable.

One particularly notable error in this offering is a 1976-S nickel struck on a cent planchet. In 1976, the San Francisco Mint did not strike US coins for circulation, so this piece represents a Proof wrong planchet striking. Here the cent planchet used for this would-be nickel is different enough in size from the intended nickel planchet to show a clear dramatic effect, and with both the red color and the Proof finish (this coin is graded Proof-63 Red Ultra Cameo), it has attracted a good deal of attention.

Some additional notable coins from this auction include:

Part 1 od the Don Bonser Collection of United States Error Coins is open for bidding now at Coins.HA.com.


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