Sixbid Invoice Scam

By CoinWeek Staff Reports ….

On Monday, April 1, internet auction site sent out a notice that several auction houses who sell coins and other numismatic items through the site were reporting that bidders were receiving fake invoices and “second chance offers” via email that falsely claim to be from the aforementioned auctioneers and are designed to fool customers into believing the emails are legitimate.

Fake Sixbid Invoice, Spring 2019. Image courtesy
A sample fake invoice received by Sixbid bidders. Images courtesy

Besides reiterating that the invoices and offers are not real, the notice from provided some preliminary information about the emails themselves, in the hopes of helping users of the site avoid potential scams. The emails that include the fake invoices and offers are coming from accounts ending in the domain name “”. All emails with an address ending in “…” should be ignored and not opened. If it is then possible, please report the fraudulent email to

Fake Sixbid Second Chance Offer, Spring 2019. Image courtesy
A fake “Second Chance” offer sent to Sixbid bidders.

As a further precaution, Sixbid encourages its bidders to change their Sixbid account password and to change that password on a semi-regular basis. Below are instructions from Sixbid on how to change your password:

How to change the password for your Sixbid account:

1.) Before logging into your account:

Go to the Sixbid Login.Click on the button “forgot password”. Enter your user name in the following mask and confirm the entry with “Reset password”. Your new password will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. Click on the confirmation link in the email and then enter the new password to log in.

2.) After logging into your account:

Go to the Sixbid Login.Log in with username and password and then click on “Profile” in the navigation bar. On the right you will find under the item “Change Password” the option to easily change your current password.



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