Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure, World and U.S. Coin Auction 19

Live on the Internet, Wednesday-Thursday, May 18-19, 2016

Our Treasure, World & U.S. Coin Auction #19 is now available for viewing and bidding Online!

With more lots than in any of our past five auctions, this sale promises to be a big one, appealing to collectors and dealers alike. All of our usual specialties (shipwreck ingots and coins and cobs) are well represented, but this time we also have significant selections of U.S. coins and general world coins, particularly Latin American.

Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure, World and U.S. Coin Auction 19The Gold Cobs and Shipwreck Silver Coins sections are where we feature the collections of two of our longtime friends and clients: Dave Horner and Tom Gray. You will find biographies of each in the shipwrecks section. The selections from these collectors include some choice and interesting pieces, some from rather difficult wrecks to find!

Dave’s many years of involvement in the salvage trade has brought him choice pieces from the 1715 Fleet, Capitana (1654), Maravillas (1656), and “Jupiter wreck” (1659), as well as the hard-to-find first wreck of Florida, the San Martín (1618), all of which you will find here.

Tom Gray’s collection, which also includes several Shipwreck Ingots and U.S. Coins from shipwrecks, was recently featured at the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum at the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in Colorado Springs (see Tom’s biography), so we are quite honored to present these museum-worthy pieces to you now.

Both shipwreck and not, the Gold Cobs section is also loaded with Colombian and Spanish 2 escudos (doubloons), more than we’ve had in any other sale in recent years. The Shipwreck Ingots section this time has some very interesting ingots and cuts in all three metals (gold, silver and copper)–lots of odd wrecks and rare markings! We remain the only auction house with regular offerings of ingots like these.

Why? Because they are rare and arcane, and it takes more than “just” a numismatist or salvager to know these things.

The silver cobs sections (Mexico Silver Cobs, Lima Silver Cobs, Potosi Silver Cobs, and Other Silver Cobs) are chock-full of large lots for dealers. In Mexico Silver Cobs you will find a large selection of Charles-Joanna coinage, and in Potosi Silver Cobs we are featuring the 8R collection of the late Marco Gardini, plus many small Royals and dated shield-types.

With unparalleled knowledge and experience in the field, we continue to offer more Potosí cobs than any other company. (Be sure to inquire about the First International Convention of Historians and Numismatists in Potosí this October!) But our biggest section by far this time is World Silver Coins, augmented and enhanced by several large and important consignments, particularly some choice Latin American minors from an anonymous but very discerning collector. You will see unheard-of quality here, particularly in Argentina and Colombia.

The Ancient Coins and Medals and Tokens sections are beefed up this time as well.

Finally–another one of our exclusive specialties–the Shipwreck Artifacts section features several important pieces of gold jewelry, including a fabulous coral-encrusted “wedding” chain from the Atocha (1622) and a red-coral rosary from the 1715 Fleet. Our Non-Wreck Artifacts are loaded with flintlocks this time, plus many other neat items from a continuing consignment from a major antiques specialist.

Don’t miss some great maps and engravings in the Documents section at the end, and of course we expect great interest in the pirate painting Payday by Liliya Skubish (last lot of the sale), which we are featuring on the cover and in our advertising for this auction.

As always, above all we encourage everyone to enjoy the sale and feel the thrill of hunting down your next treasure.

Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure, World and U.S. Coin Auction 19Session I, Wednesday, 1 pm

  • – Gold Cobs 1-100
  • – World Gold Coins 101-237
  • – U.S. Coins 238-285

Session II, Wednesday, 5 pm

  • – Shipwreck Ingots 286-305
  • – Shipwreck Silver Coins 306-602

Session III, Thursday, 9 am

  • – Mexico Silver Cobs 603-691
  • – Lima Silver Cobs 692-766
  • – Potosi Silver Cobs 767-1089
  • – Other Silver Cobs 1090-1142

Session IV, Thursday, 4 pm

  • – Ancient Coins 1143-1178
  • – World Silver Coins (A-G) 1179-1446
  • – World Silver Coins (H-O) 1447-1532
  • – World Silver Coins (P-Z) 1533-1622
  • – Medals and Tokens 1623-1671
  • – Shipwreck Artifacts 1672-1695
  • – Non-Shipwreck Artifacts 1696-1731
  • – Documents 1732-1748



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