Stack’s Bowers Ponterio to Offer Nearly 10,000 Lots of Asian Numismatics in May Hong Kong Auction

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio is pleased to present a large and varied selection of Asian and Asia-related coins and paper money in their biannual Hong Kong Showcase Auction. The sale comprises eight live sessions and 10 internet sessions spanning 13 days, beginning at 10:00 AM, Tuesday, May 3 Hong Kong Time (Monday, May 2, 7:00 PM PST) and concluding on Monday, May 16 at 9 AM HKT (Sunday, May 15, 6 PM PST).

The sale will offer items spanning nearly the entire gamut of value and rarity, with a stunning selection of seldom-seen items as well as popular numismatic mainstays.

Rarities Night

Wednesday, May 4 will feature the stunning offerings of Rarities Night, beginning at 1:00 PM HKT (Tuesday, May 3, 10 PM PST).

Splashed across 255 lots, are some of the most splendid and seldom-seen examples of machine-struck Chinese coins. Notable and interesting highlights include an exceedingly beautiful Year 25 (1936)-A Vienna Mint-produced Proof Set of the nickel 20, 10, and 5 Cents. Struck right before the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, these issues in Proof are seldom encountered individually, much less as a complete set.

An original “Old Man” Taiwan Dollar will attract attention, even graded VF Details, Chopmark. This type is essentially the first machine struck silver crown produced in China and is an important numismatic milestone.

A Year 6 (1856) Shanghai Tael Graded NGC AU-55 is intimately tied with the economic results of the Taiping Rebellion and presents an extremely interesting story to bidders.

Also very seldom encountered is a Yunnan Rupee from 1907 graded PCGS AU-53 that was modeled off the contemporaneous Szechuan-Tibet Rupee, which itself was crudely modeled after the British Indian Rupee.

Rarities Night also features some exceedingly valuable issues that are among the most popular high-end Chinese coins:

The ever-popular “Auto Dollar” is well represented by seven examples, including an extremely lovely PCGS EF-45 piece. Another legendary Dollar from Kweichow, the always supremely demanded “Bamboo Dollar” of Year 38 (1949), is represented by an example graded NGC EF-40.

The mainstay of Chinese Dollars, the Year 3 (1914) Yuan Shi-Kai Dollar is offered in PCGS Proof-65 grade, and is the first example of a Proof of this type Stack’s Bowers Galleries has ever auctioned.

A 1934 Szechuan-Shensi Soviet Dollar graded MS-62 by PCGS is certain to impress given the paucity of examples of the type in this condition.

One of the rarest of all Chinese provincial pieces, an 1899 Kiangnan 3 Mace 6 Candareens (50 Cents) graded PCGS MS-62+ Prooflike should excite collectors of provincial types. From a published mintage of just 155 (though far fewer survive), this piece is the highest graded and only certified Mint State example extant. It is quite possible this coin was produced as a specimen striking, as the fullness of the rims and crispness of the details set this piece apart from mere circulation strikes. Both this example and the Szechuan-Shensi Soviet Dollar originate from the Kairos Collection.

The highest estimated lot and the crown jewel of the entire sale is a Year 3 (1911) “Long Whisker Dragon” Dollar Graded Specimen-63+ by PCGS. With an estimated range of $750,000-$1,500,000 this example is among the most prestigious and valuable coins in the entire Chinese series.

World Coins Live

The live portion of the sale features some very strong world items that will appeal to advanced collectors.

The Japanese section features a stunning Man’en Era Oban from the Mark and Lottie Salton Collection graded PCGS MS-63. An exceptional NGC-certified Proof-62 Year 13 (1880) 20 Sen from the fabled Proof Set will be recognized as among the greatest rarities in the Japanese series, with a reported mintage of just 96.

From Netherlands East Indies, a stunning array of Proof issues surpasses any group we have ever offered. The Philippines likewise presents strong opportunities for collectors, including an 8 Reales counterstamp issue on a provisional 1823 Peruvian 8 Reales.

Internet Sessions

The internet sessions provide much depth in types that are in great demand with collectors. Plentiful offerings in popular series include British Trade Dollars, Japanese Yen, Yuan Shi-Kai Dollars, “Memento” Dollars, “Junk Boat” Dollars, and provincial “Dragon” Dollars in nearly every condition.

The internet sessions will also be a bonanza for set collectors, with an array of minor issues from across Asia.

Paper Money

The paper money sessions include some very important pieces for notaphilists to consider, including a Yuan Dynasty 2 Kuan note graded by PCGS as Choice Fine 15. This extremely early banknote is a miracle of survival and provides a significant opportunity for bidders.

A highly sought-after 1904 10 Taels note certified by PMG Very Fine 25 gives high-end collectors the chance to acquire an extremely valuable note that seldom appears on the market.

A 1909 PMG Choice Fine 15 Net Repaired, Severed & Reattached “Black Dragon” 5 Yuan note is the only one certified by PMG, another strong offering from the Qing Dynasty.

Also of interest are a provincial Kwangtung Currency Bureau 5 Dollars note from 1905, graded PCGS About Uncirculated 53 OPQ, and a 1995 Hong Kong 20 to 1,000 Dollar Specimen Set.

* * *

The Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio May 2022 Hong Kong Auction will be an event that will attract the attention of enthusiasts across many areas of world numismatics. With its vast array of coins and paper money, nearly everyone will find items of interest. The entire sale is available for viewing and bidding at

The firm is now accepting consignments of World coins and currency for their August 2022 Global Showcase Auction, as well as for their Fall 2022 Hong Kong sale. In addition, Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ Collectors Choice Online (CCO) Auctions offer a convenient venue for the quickest sale at the strongest prices. For more information or to consign, contact the firm at 800-566-2580 or email [email protected].

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