Auction Results Realized from First Sale of US Coins

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Strong Auction Results Realized at

ComicLink President Josh Nathanson reports that the first coin auction held by his firm via was a successful event. “I’m thrilled by the amount of participation we saw both from our pre-existing customer base and from coin collectors completely new to our service! The auction results that followed were solid by any measure and I think we have proven that we are able to compete effectively in this space.

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“We’re looking forward to our second auction serving buyers and sellers of certified coins and planning for it to be held in January. I invite all coin hobbyists that have items to sell to reach out to me personally. I’m looking forward to getting to know the players in the hobby, and want to forge the best relationships possible.”

Interested consignors may reach out to Josh Nathanson at 617-517-0062 ext 101 or

[email protected] is owned and operated by ComicLink. For more about the firm, which was founded in 1996, click here.


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