By Éditions V. Gadoury, Monaco ……

On November 15 and 16, 2019, at Le Méridien Beach Plaza Hotel the Gadoury auction will offer something for every collector at the highest level; coins from all over the world and the second part of the spectacular collection of a gentleman from the House of Savoy:

World Coins

In general, lovers of German coins should take a close look at the catalogue. There are more rarities to be found:

  • Lot 682 – Germany – 20 mark 1877 Muldenhütten for Albert of Saxony in PCGS AU53

Also in 2019, Gadoury, a specialist in French coins, offers a wide range of French specimens. More than 200 lots are on offer, among them:

  • Lot 848 – France – Louis d’or aux palmes 1774 Paris in PCGS AU53
  • Lot 927 – France – 100 francs 1864 in PCGS MS64
  • Lot 936 – France – Essai 10 florins-25 francs 1867 in PCGS SP55
  • Lot 949 – France – 100 francs Bazor 1933 in PCGS MS63
  • Lot 1006 – France – Coffret or Pieforts 1980 in PCGS SP67/69

Additionally, Italy is well-represented with 258 lots in a very extensive section of the catalogue.

  • Lot 1450 – Venice – Osella 1745 in PCGS MS64

Part 2 of the Collection of a Gentleman from the House of Savoy

In 2019, Gadoury is auctioning the second part of the collection of a gentleman from the House of Savoy. Part 2 contains 416 lots of coins and medals from this royal family. The pieces originate from the almost nine centuries between Amedeo II (1080-1103) and Victor Emmanuel III (1900-1946).

  • Lot 1826 – 100 Lire 1883 in PCGS MS62 Prooflike
  • Lot 1845 – 100 Lire 1905 in PCGS MS62 Prooflike
  • Lot 1848 – 100 Lire 1912 in PCGS MS64
  • Lot 1860 – 20 Lire, Prova di Stampa,1927 in PCGS SP66+

Specialist and Extraordinary Pieces: the West Indies

As in any auction, Gadoury does not only offer coins from the well-known nations but also pieces of provenances that are rarely seen at auctions. A good example is the extensive collection of coins minted on or for the islands of the West Indies: Curaçao, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, and Haiti.


And finally, an extensive section of gold from the United States should also be mentioned:

  • Lot 2088 – USA – 5 dollars New Orleans 1909 in PCGS AU53

View Lots and/or Download PDF of the Gadoury Auction Here



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