Treasure, World, U.S. Coin and Paper Money Auction 28

Live on the Internet: Wednesday-Friday, November 17-19, 2020

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By Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC ……

Assembling the consignments for this auction has been a long yet very rewarding task that has now come to fruition. We are simply amazed at the variety, quantity, and quality of numismatic and historical rarities in this sale. Thank you, consignors!

Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction 28

Session I Tuesday Nov 17, 2020, 11:00 AM EST: Gold Cobs | Shipwreck Ingots & Coins

Session II Tuesday Nov 17, 2020, 5:30 PM EST: Silver Cobs by Mint

Session III Wednesday Nov 18, 2020, 11:00 AM EST: World & Ancients Coins | Medals and Decorations

Session IV Wednesday Nov 18, 2020, 5:30 PM EST: US Coins | Paper Money | Coin Jewelry | Artifacts

Session V Internet Only Wednesday Nov 19, 2020, 11:00 AM EST: Express Session (items from all sessions)

This time we are doing something different by beginning the Gold Cobs section with those from mainland Spain before moving to gold cobs of the New World. It is here you’ll see the extremely rare and gorgeous 1713J Mexico cob 8 escudos Royal graded NGC MS 66 from the Corrigan’s wreck site of the 1715 Fleet (lot 21), its first appearance at auction and our first time offering a type considered to be the pinnacle of Spanish colonial numismatics. Clyde Kuntz, the diver who discovered the coin in 1998, will be speaking online the day prior to the auction about his experience of finding a coin “made for a king.”

Following Mexico is a selection of some of the choicest Lima gold cobs ever seen from the 1715 Fleet, in addition to gold cobs from all the other South American mints that made them.

Next, we offer a number of historical Shipwreck Ingots, most notably a variety of New World treasure ingots from the “Tumbaga wreck” of ca. 1528 (including lot 68, a very rare gold “tumbaga” bar) and the “Golden Fleece wreck” of ca. 1550. Atocha collectors will want to watch for an intriguing gold “church” bar (lot 71) along with three of the ever-popular large silver bars (lots 82-84).

Four centuries’ worth of Shipwreck Coins are up for bid next, from the iconic Atocha (1622) and 1715 Fleet-recovered cobs to United States shipwreck finds like an 1863-S $20 double eagle from the Brother Jonathan (lot 383).

It is our privilege to offer in this auction the Dr. Peter Jones Collection of Early Coinage of the Americas, illustrating the many different types of coins created in the New World. In his latest book, The First Coins of the Americas, Dr. Jones documents his collection and its connection to historical events during American colonization; his online talk the day before the auction will describe his journey across decades of collecting. His selection of rare Charles-Joanna coinage in Mexico Silver Cobs is particularly noteworthy, featuring trophies like a Mexico City 3 reales of assayer Rincon (lot 429), along with several rare “Early Series” types.

In our most significant offering of cob Royals to date, highlights in Mexico Silver Cobs include a unique 1713J cob 8 reales Royal (lot 501) as well as a very rare 1615/4F cob 8 reales Royal (lot 490), in addition to some unique minor-size Royals and some in Lima Silver Cobs as well.

Continuing that theme, in Potosí Silver Cobs we feature the Royal Collection of some of the finest and rarest Potosí galanos from all the different kings, including the finest-graded 1653E cob 8 reales Royal (lot 595), pedigreed to the famous “Americas” collection) along with an NGC star-designated and very beautiful 1669E cob 8 reales Royal plated in Sellschopp (lot 598). Other Silver Cobs contains several elusive Santo Domingo Charles-Joanna cobs (lots 646, 647 and 648) and a rare Panama cob 2 reales of Philip II (lot 651).

In World Coins are many Spanish and Latin American rarities, like the important Chile 1819 pattern peso (lot 751) and the finest-graded Seville, Spain, 1729P gold milled 8 escudos (lot 1176), along with many desirable rarities from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Honduras.

Worldwide, other key coins up for bidding are an Ethiopia EE1892 (1900) matte proof birr of Menelik II (lot 839), a Japanese gold koban from the Hoei/Shotoku era (lot 1062), and a pair of certified Lahore-mint (British India) silver original proof 1943-L ½ and ¼ rupees (lots 1056-1057).

The Zeitlos Collection of German States Coinage hosts many desirable German type-coins, including a possibly unique Nassau-Weilburg 1812-L/CT “old bust” taler (lot 921) and several finest-certified Bavarian commemorative talers.

Medals and Decorations feature Selections from the John Adams Collection of Admiral Vernon Medals, a couple of which are plated in his reference work on the series. Other medals in this section include a large and impressive Colombian gold medal commemorating the Panama Canal project (lot 1216) and an original Great Britain silver medal from 1687 depicting the recovery of the Concepcion shipwreck treasure (lot 1221).

U.S. Coins and Paper Money presents several pieces of early American currency, like a choice 1787 Fugio cent (lot 1272) and a 1776 Continental Congress-issued $7 note (lot 1277).

Sure to attract attention in World Paper Money are Guatemalan rarities like the only-certified 1917 Banco Agrícola Hipotecario 500 pesos (lot 1298) and a “top pop” 1945 Banco Central 20 quetzales (lot 1294).

The Coin Jewelry section offers up our largest selection to date of fashionable coin designs, like ancient Athenian owl tetradrachms, Julius Caesar’s elephant denarius, and cobs from shipwrecks and other sources, all ready to wear.

The Shipwreck Artifacts section contains a timeline of objects, including a long Spanish colonial gold chain of 277 solid links salvaged from the Santa Margarita (lot 1367), a large and complete Nuremberg nesting cup-weight set from the Dutch East Indiaman Merestein (lot 1372), some Civil War-era American bottles from the SS Republic (lots 1384-1389), a sealed bottle of beer from the Empress of Ireland (lot 1390), and various dinner service pieces from 20th-century ocean liners SS Medina, SS Aurania, and Andrea Doria.

Non-Wreck Artifacts presents a mixture of historical objects, like 44-million-year-old insects preserved in amber lots (1408-1409), cannons and cannonballs, swords, and flintlock pistols, and other miscellaneous antiques.

Some Titanic survivor-signed postcards highlight our Documents section at the end.

As usual, on the last day we hold an Express session with additional coins, medals, banknotes, and artifacts at lower estimates for the wholesale- or budget-minded.

We wish you all best of luck in the auction and hope you find many new acquisitions for your collection. Be healthy, everyone!

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