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On Tuesday, June 24, Auction 60 from Madrid-based dealer Tauler and Fau goes live at 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. The auction, which will be conducted online and over the phone, cotains 603 lots of Ancient, Spanish, and World coins. Many of the auction’s highlights also feature short videos hosted on that you can use to fully examine the coins remotely.

Especially notable in this auction is a selection of 52 Ancient Roman gold aureii, of which three examples are discussed below.

All winning bids include an 18% buyer´s fee.

Auction 60 Ancient & World Coin Highlights

Lot 213 – Roman Imperial

Commodus. Aureus. 178 AD. Rome. (Ric-648). (Cal-2337b, same dies). (Ch-760). Obverse: L•AVREL•COMMODVS AVG. Laureate, draped and armored bust on the right. Reverse: TR P III • IMP II • COS • P • P •. Castor (of Castor and Pollux fame) standing to the left, holding the horse by its bridle with the right hand and throwing it in the left. Au. 7.21 g. Pleasant color and appearence. Almost UNC. Estimate: 25,000.00 euros (about $28,246.00 USD).

Lot 216 – Roman Imperial

Manlia Scantilla. Aureus. 193 AD. Rome. (Ric-7a). (Ch-1). (Cal-2400). Obverse: MANL·SCANTILLA AVG. Draped bust to the right. Reverse: IVNO REGINA. Juno veiled standing to the left with a scepter at her feet, a peacock to the left. Au. 6.57 g. Pleasant color and appearance. Rarely encountered this coin is well struck and truly exceptional. Some luster. A few specimens known. Extremely rare. From a private European collection. AU. Estimate: 35,000.00 euros (about $39,545.00 USD).

Lot 233 – Roman Imperial

Elagabalus. Aureus. 218-219 AD. Rome. (Ric-69). (Cal-2992). Obverse: IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS AVG. Laureate, draped and armored bust on the right. Reverse: FIDES EXERCITVS. Fidelity seated to the left with an eagle and a banner, in front of another banner. Au. 6.25 g. Pleasant color and appearence. It retains some luster. Rare. From a private European collection. UNC. Estimate: 16,000.00 euros (about $18,078 USD).

Lot 419 – Spanish Monarchy

Charles III (1759-1788). 8 reales. 1786. Guatemala. M. (Cal 2019-1017). Ag. 26.85 g. Minor edge defect, otherwise very rare in this grade. Choice VF. Estimate: 2,000.00 euros (about $2,260.00 USD).

Lot 580 – World Coins

Mexico. 5 pesos. 1881/0. México. M. (Km-412.6). (Fried-139). Au. It retains some luster. Rare. AU. Estimate: 2,000.00 euros (about $2,260.00 USD).

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