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Baldwin’s Hong Kong Rare Coin Auction Offers Many Great Rarities

A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd and auction partner Ma Tak Wo Numismatic Co Ltd are pleased to announce that the Hong Kong Rare Coin Auction 57 will be one of the largest sales to date. Held as part of the bi-annual Hong Kong International Coin Convention and Antique Watch Fair, the sale will feature a Kuang Hsu, Gold Ku’ping pattern Tael, alongside Chinese coins from the collection of Åke Lindén, French Indo-Chinese and Trade Dollars from the Johanna Austin collection, and a private collection of Plantation Tokens. The sale will be held on Thursday 21 August 2014 in Hong Kong’s Kowloon.

hongkongauction57A splendid example of the Gold Ku’ping Pattern Tael, struck under the eleventh emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Kuang Hsu, leads the Chinese Coins in the sale. This rare coin, created as a prototype coin in Kuang Hsu’s 33rd year, never saw full circulation and is one of the few Chinese imperial gold coins struck at an official mint. It is estimated at US$65,000-85,000. [Lot 286]

Representing the highly regarded collection of Åke Lindén in the sale, is an exceptional collection of Chinese Coins including a Kirin Province, silver 50-Cents with Manchu characters estimated at US$10,000-12,000 and a very rare Peking Mint, silver pattern 10-cents estimated at US$10,000-12,000. [Lot 283]

From the Johanna Austin collection is a French Indo-China proof set from 1889A. Only 100 sets, comprising Bronze Sapèque, Cent, Silver 10-Cents, 20-Cents, 50-Cents and Piastre, were ever issued, this example is complete with gilt decorated blue leather case of issue and is estimated at US$20,000-25,000. [Lot 693]

Exacting buyer Johanna Austin had a particular interest in the coinage of South East Asia, specifically French Indo-China, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The collection also displays her interest in the trade coins used in the region, with the various nations who produced them all represented here. Of special note is an extremely rare example of a British Trade Dollar, 1902B, struck in gold, which is estimated at US$30,000-35,000 [Lot 1052]. The proceeds of the sale of Johanna Austin’s collection will go to the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath, England.

Leading an extensive opening section of banknotes will be a 14th century Ming Dynasty 1-Kuan banknote. Probably the oldest paper money in the world, the 1-Kuan note was printed on mulberry bark which was believed to have been recycled from the waste of government ministries and Civil Service papers. Text at the lower section of the note reads; “This noted of the Great Ming is printed with the approval of the Hung Wu Emperor (Year 1368-1398) through the Hu Pao and used side by side with copper cash, Those who counterfeit the Great Ming notes will be beheaded while an informant will be rewarded with 250 Taels of silver and with confiscated property of the convicts into the bargain”. From the renowned Danish, Sophus Black Collection, this note is rarely found in such high grade and is estimated at US$12,000-15,000. [Lot 1]

The auction will be held on Thursday 21 August 2014 in the Crystal Room, Level B3, Holiday Inn Golden Mile, 50 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The catalogue is available to view online at www.baldwin.co.uk. For more information and viewing times please contact [email protected]


Hong Kong Auction 57 Highlights:


Lot 1  Ming Dynasty 明朝 (1368-1644): 1-Kuan (1000-Cash) 大明寶鈔, issued by Emperor Hung Wu (1368-99), made of mulberry paper from the mulberry tree, top: six Chinese characters ”Ta Ming T’ung Hsing Pao Cha’s” (Treasure Note of the Great Ming) in K’ai Shu style, at centre: value ”1 Kuan” (Ten Strings) in K’ai Shu style (at this period one String was equlvalent to 100 copper cash) with pictorial presentation of Ten Strings (1-Kuan) below, to left: ”T’ien Hsia T’ung Hsing” (To Circulate For Ever And Ever Under The Heavens), to right: ”Ta Ming Pao Cha’o” (Great Ming Treasure Note), Chinese text lower centre meaning ”This note of the Great Ming is printed with the approval of the Hung Wu Emperor (year 1368-1398) through the Hu Pao (the Ming Finance department) and used side by side with copper cash. Those who counterfeit the Great Ming notes will be beheaded while an informant will be rewarded with 250 Taels of silver and with confiscated roperty of the convicts into the bargain”, red square seal on the back (equivalent of a signature), 342mm x 224mm (P AA10; SM T36-20). In PMG holder graded 50 About Uncirculated, no holes in the note and paper still very strong, extremely rare in such high grade and with a good provenance. Estimate: US$12,000-15,000.

ex: Sophus Black Collection, renowned Danish collector and engineer who was employed by the Great Northern Telegraph Company and stationed in China from 1902 to 1931. Black collected Chinese art and antiques during his stay in China. He donated numerous items from his collection to museums, including the National Museum of Denmark, and other parts of his collection were offered at auctions in Asia and Europe.


Lot 120 Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China 印度 新金山中國渣打銀行: $5, 1 November 1911, serial no.M/A 185499 (Ma S4). Minor repairs near centre and light foxing, about very fine and very rare. Estimate: US$9,000-11,000.


Lot 283 Peking Mint 京局: Silver Pattern 10-Cents CD1900, old restrike from original dies (Kann 236; L&M 9A). In PCGS holder graded SP61, very rare. Estimate: US$10,000-15,000 from the Åke Lindén Collection. ex Norman Jacobs collection, Hong Kong Coin Auction 44, 27 August 2008, lot 45 The PCGS label assigns the coin L&M 9, the reference for the original strike. Dr Jacobs says “very – extremely rare, GENUINE” on original envelope, sold with the coin.


Lot 286 Kuang Hsu 光緒: Gold Ku’ping Pattern Tael 大清金幣, CD1906 丙午, Obv Chinese legend, Rev facing dragon, plain edge (Kann 1540; L&M 1023). Several rim nicks and edge bruises, about uncirculated. Estimate: US$65,000-85,000.


Lot 320 Fengtien Province 奉天省: Silver Dollar, Year 25 (1899), linear circle within dotted circle around “一圓” (KM Y87.1; L&M 477). In PCGS holder AU50. Estimate: US$12,000-15,000.


Lot 360 Kiangnan Province 江南省: Silver Dollar, ND (1898) 老江南, ornamental chevron edge 人字邊 (KM Y145.1; L&M 210A). In NGC holder graded AU58. Estimate: US$10,000-12,000.


Lot 380  Kirin Province 吉林省: Silver 50-Cents, CD1908 戊申, Manchu characters variety (Kann 570; L&M 577; KM Y182b). In PCGS holder graded AU55, scarce. Estimate: US$10,000-12,000. from the Åke Lindén Collection


Lot 603 Victoria: Silver Proof ½-Dollar, 1866, reeded edge (Pr 4A; KM 8). In PCGS holder graded PR66, deep iridescent tone, rare. Estimate: US$15,000-20,000. From the Johanna Austin Collection


Lot 612 George VI: Bronze Cent, 1941 (Ma C7; KM 24). Minor marks on head, otherwise uncirculated with light brown dappled tone, extremely rare. Estimate: US$3,000-4,000.


Lot 693 French Indo-China 法屬印度支那: Proof Set 1889A, comprising Bronze Sapèque, Cent, Silver 10-Cents, 20-Cents, 50-Cents and Piastre, complete with gilt decorated blue leather case of issue (Lec 7, 42, 131, 190, 255, 271; for set with case Lec 313; KM PS1). In PCGS holders graded PR64RB, PR64+RB, PR64, PR64, PR64, PR64 respectively, the case well preserved, but a little faded, rare as a cased set (6pcs + case). Estimate: US$20,000-25,000. Only 100 sets issued. From the Johanna Austin Collection. ex Singapore Coin Auction 12, 20 February 1992, lot 231


Lot 888 EIC: Copper Pattern 2-Kepings, 1787, Obv radiate arms of the EIC, Rev Malay legend and AH date in elaborate arched border with rays, oval, plain edge, 8.09g (PR 30; Sch 959a RRRR). Brilliant mint state, with rich multi coloured lustre, extremely rare. Estimate US$5,000-8,000


Lot 1052 Trade Coinage: Gold British Trade Dollar 金質英國貿易銀圓, 1902B, off metal striking in GOLD (Pr 13B; KM -, unlisted in gold). In PCGS holder graded PR64DCAM, extremely rare. Estimate: US$30,000-35,000. From the Johanna Austin Collection. ex Spink auction 94, 14 October 1992, lot 809.


Lot 1042 Trade Coinage: Copper Uniface British Trade Dollar 英國貿易銀圓單面銅樣, 1895 (Pr unlisted; KM unlisted). Mint state, unrecorded and unique. Estimate: US$14,000-18,000 from the Johanna Austin Collection. ex Sotheby auction, 20 December 1948. ex H M Lingford Collection, with his ticket, and R J Ford Collection.


 About Baldwin’s

With a history dating back to 1872 Baldwin’s is one of the largest and longest established Numismatic dealers and auction houses in the world. Our dedicated team of specialists have over 300 years combined experience covering all areas of numismatics including English, Ancient and Foreign coins, military and commemorative medals, tokens, books and banknotes.

Launched in 1993 Baldwin’s auction department has grown from strength to strength hosting more than eighteen prestigious international auctions each year in London, New York and Hong Kong.

The merger of Baldwin’s with Noble Investments (UK) PLC in 2005, and the acquisition in early 2008 of Apex Philatelics and of Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions, has seen the company expand to become a formidable market player offering a complete package for any collector of coins, stamps, fine art and collectables. In more recent times (2013), Baldwin’s has become a part of the Stanley Gibbons Group plc and is now a more powerful London Stock Exchange listed collectables retailer and ‘top 5’ UK auctioneer.

Baldwin’s broadcast all of their main auctions over the internet and provides a live bidding service through www.the-saleroom.com/baldwins



Baldwin’s is a long-established company, with a history going back to the 1872. A.H. Baldwin and Sons Ltd offer coins for collectors, including Ancient, Mediaeval, British and Foreign Coins, Commemorative Medals, Tokens and Numismatic Books. Our stock is the largest in the UK. Baldwins also organise Auctions. We conduct regular auctions of all numismatic material; coins from all areas and historical periods but also Banknotes, Military Medals and Books. The Auctions are run worldwide : London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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