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JM Bullion is constantly in search of new bullion product lineups to offer our customer base, and we’re very excited to showcase one of the latest additions for our customers. MintID produces silver bullion in collaboration with highly-rated ISO:9001 minting facilities. The company has gone one step further in making its bullion a great investment by producing exceptionally secure silver bullion products. Now is your chance to not only purchase secure bullion, but also learn just how secure MintID silver bullion is in our weekly blog.

MintID Buffalo Round

The flexible option from MintID is the 1 oz MintID Buffalo Silver Round. Available for individual purchase or in two different bulk allotments, the Buffalo Silver Round features beautiful designs on the obverse and reverse with secure microchip technology included. On the obverse side of the round is the image of an American bison, the largest land mammal in North America. The bison species still reside in the wild in North America, with American bisons roaming national park grounds in the American West and wood bisons roaming forested foothills near the Canadian Rockies in Canada. Inscriptions on this side include the weight, metal content, and purity of the round, as well as the MintID logo.

The reverse field of the 1 oz MintID Buffalo Silver Round includes the encrypted blue microchip that makes these products one of the most secure in the world. This side of the round has a repeating image in the background field that continuously replicates the MintID logo. There are inscriptions on this face that include “Tap to Scan” and the MintID website.

MintID Silver Bar

For a larger single purchase, MintID also has the 10 oz MintID Silver Bar. You will find that the same powerful bison is featured on the 10 oz MintID Silver Bar, along with other designs that make it different in its own right from the silver round. You can see the entire figure of the American bison on the obverse side of the bar. This is shown along with the MintID logo at the top and the weight, purity, and metal content just below that. Below the bison, you will find the full website for MintID. The reverse of the bar is similar to the silver round. Here, you will find the blue NFC microchip in the center with a background field showcasing the MintID logo in repeating fashion. Both sides of the bar have a triple-line border element around the outer edge of the design field and a small 45-degree cutout at the bottom left where “10” is inscribed.

MintID NFC Microchips

All of the silver rounds and silver bars produced through MintID’s partnership with ISO:9001 mints have a blue NFC microchip adhered directly to the surface of the round. These microchips are encrypted with AES-128 bit technology, the same level of encryption the federal government uses to protect sensitive US data. The tamper-evident microchip will “die” if tampered with and render a faulty result when you scan the microchip with the MintID app. These microchips store a secure digital profile for each individual silver piece in the cloud, allowing you to instantly authenticate any purchase of MintID bullion.

With the MintID app installed on your iOS or Android device, you can enable NFC on your phone and use the app to scan your silver bullion. Simply launch the app, navigate to scan, and place your silver bullion directly against your smartphone to instantly pull up the digital profile of your silver bullion.

MintID Secure Packaging

When you purchase the 1 oz MintID Buffalo Silver Round in multiples, you can get the rounds inside of blue MintID blue rolls or blue MintID boxes. The rolls hold 20 rounds in total, each with its own NFC microchip. The top of the roll is secured with a crypto tamper-evident tag that can be scanned in the MintID app to authenticate the contents of the roll and let you know if any attempts have been made to tamper with the roll. Any roll that returns a “sealed” result contains rounds that are mint-sealed and have never been tampered with. You can likewise purchase the 1 oz MintID Buffalo Silver Round in blue MintID boxes with 25 MintID rolls that have foam inserts between each for secure shipping and storing.

MintID Certificate Cards for Sovereign Bullion

In addition to MintID’s own lineup of branded silver bullion, you will also find MintID technology applied in a different manner to national bullion coin programs from the likes of the United States Mint, Perth Mint, and the Royal Mint of England. MintID certificate cards are available with a capsule space to house coins such as the American Gold EagleAmerican Gold BuffaloAustralian Gold Kangaroo, and the British Gold Britannia. Though these coins do not have the NFC microchip applied directly to them, they are just as secure as MintID’s own bullion products.

MintID seals the coins inside of its blue certificate cards. Built into each card is a secure, encrypted NFC microchip. That chip is linked to its own digital profile in the cloud identifying that specific coin. You can authenticate your coin in the exact same way using the MintID app that you would authenticate MintID silver bullion.

The MintID App

The MintID app is a safe and secure means of authenticating the silver bullion you purchase from the MintID range. The app does not require any personal information in order for you to authenticate your silver, allowing users to explore through its Guest Functionality. Additionally, the app does not require the use of any location services on your smartphone in order to authenticate purchases.

Secure Bullion Courtesy of JM Bullion

If you want to step up to the latest in secure silver bullion, JM Bullion has an option for you in the form of the MintID Buffalo Round and 10 oz Silver Bars. Please contact JM Bullion customer service at 800-276-6508 with any questions. You can also chat with us live online or email us directly. Follow our weekly blog for more information on new products and follow us on social media for daily updates and chances to win bullion in our spot-price contests.

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  1. I bought the 10 ounce months bars. I put them in a hard plastic for protection tion. Will the mint is app scan there the hard plastic or must they be removed?


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