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Bullion Coins: NGC has decided not to implement its 2015 Silver Eagle Express Purchase Program

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NGC 2015 Silver Eagle Submissions Update

NGC has decided not to implement its 2015 Silver Eagle Express Purchase Program.

There will be no change in policy from prior years.

All submitters may submit 2015 Silver Eagles through the Early Bird Tier or higher (add $5 for the Early Releases® or First Releases® designations). Elite NGC Collectors Society members and NGC Authorized Dealers are eligible for bulk submission rates.

As always, turnaround times are expected to be delayed in January and February due to high submission volumes.

Please contact NGC customer service at [email protected] or 800-NGC-COIN with any questions. For bulk submission rates, contact Scott Heller.


***************  Original Announcement December 9th, 2015 ***************

NGC Partners with GovMint, SilverTowne, Heritage and Minshull Trading on 2015 Silver Eagles

Collectors and dealers can buy NGC-certified 2015 Silver Eagles at competitive prices with faster results

NGC has partnered with GovMint, SilverTowne, Heritage Auctions and Minshull Trading to provide a simple and easy option for collectors and dealers to buy NGC-certified 2015 Silver Eagles as early as possible.

Each company will have NGC-certified 2015 Silver Eagles available for purchase immediately upon release at very competitive prices.


Buying from these major retailers benefits collectors and dealers because they can purchase exact quantities they desire. GovMint, SilverTowne, Heritage Auctions and Minshull Trading will also have a variety of collectible label options available for sale.

These four dealers are able to purchase Silver Eagles directly from US Mint Authorized Purchasers in large quantities on the first day of sales and are equipped to fulfill thousands of orders in a short amount of time. In most cases, orders of any size can be fulfilled by these dealers faster than if the coins were submitted directly to NGC.

NGC 2015 Silver Eagle submissions
The US Mint announced that it has experienced significantly increased demand for Silver Eagles in the past few weeks. Despite the Mint’s rationing, more than 1 million Silver Eagles were sold on November 17 alone. The US Mint is currently on track to sell a record number of Silver Eagles in 2014, surpassing the 2013 sales record of 42,675,000 coins.

Silver Eagles are the most popular coins submitted to NGC for certification. In January and February 2014, nearly 500,000 Silver Eagles were submitted to NGC. Based on recent Mint reports, this figure could be substantially higher in January 2015.

Regular and Bulk Submitters
As a result of the expected high submission numbers, NGC estimates turnaround times of four to six weeks for Silver Eagles submitted during January and February. To better manage submission volumes, NGC requires that 2015 Silver Eagles be submitted under the Early Bird Tier.

Early purchases of NGC-certified 2015 Silver Eagles
For more information on early purchases of NGC-certified 2015 Silver Eagles, contact the dealers below:
[email protected]
800-642-9160 (toll free)

[email protected]
877-477-COIN (2646) (toll free)

Minshull Trading
(formerly Lee Minshull R.C. Inc)
[email protected]
Attn: Josh Berger or Heather Skinner

Heritage Auctions

 Editors Note: Stay tuned to CoinWeek for follow-up coverage on this story and an upcoming series on Rare Coin Marketing of Modern Coins

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