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It’s that time of year again. What can you buy that is unique, enduring and reasonably priced for those on your gift list? One word – silver – immediately comes to mind.

Collectors and bullion investors often like to give silver coins, rounds and bars to others, and that is a timely gift with lower prices for the metal in recent weeks. American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics and Mexican Libertads are popular choices, but the world of physical silver goes well beyond those options.

collecting silverThere are countless designs and themes depicted on silver, so why not put a little thought into what will be given to each person? Would the feline fan prefer an Isle of Man silver Cat to a typical and more common one-ouncer? That John Deere silver bar would make a much more memorable gift for a farmer than something less personal.

Every year brings a new batch of rounds and bars with a Christmas theme. Low bullion prices means it could be a good time to stock up on themed rounds for future weddings, new births, baptisms, first communions and bar mitzvahs. Even people who aren’t dedicated hard asset types enjoy having a little silver on hand.

Buying silver for gift giving can be a creative exercise. Why not pick a collectible coin for the numismatists in your circle of family and friends? Buying a problem-free type coin, something struck during a person’s year of birth or a Morgan dollar VAM shows you put some thought and care into the selection. A handful of pre-1965 dimes will always bring a smile and sincere thanks from the preparedness minded.

What else can be done with silver and gift shopping? Silver jewelry is tasteful and attractive minus the “Rob me!” vibe that gold can send off in the wrong situation. Check eBay for a vast selection of eye-pleasing and historical sterling spoons and other artistic items.

Veterans of the rare coin and bullion game are aware of the private mints and the never-ending assortment of silver rounds, medals, plates, miniature ingots and other items that were issued. eBay is a great source for old Franklin Mint collector sets and releases, in addition to the many private mint issues and custom silver rounds and bars which are popular during the holidays. Shop smart, and you’ll find the price can sometimes be close to melt value.

Whether the goal is to give something different, attractive, enduring or beneficial to financial and physical health, silver is the answer to the question “What should I buy for Christmas?”.

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    Rosemary Jacobs

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