CAC Temporarily Stops Regular Tier Coin Certification

Great CAC-pectations: Collecting U.S. Gold Coins by CAC Approval

As of March 1, 2022, CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) will be unable to process customer orders using our regular tier ($16 USD). Our current backlog is at a record level. Turnaround time for completion is unacceptable and not consistent with our mission of providing great service to our members. We are hoping we can restore this service by April 1. Please keep an eye on our website and Emails for updates on this matter.

Our resticker ($5), high value $10,000 – $25,000 ($35), and rarities over $25,000 ($75) tiers will remain open. The only other option in our toolbox was to raise fees dramatically – again, unacceptable. I feel this is the best option.

Also: if possible, please use Federal Express (FedEx) as opposed to Express Mail via the USPS going forward as the Bedminster Post Office has threatened to file multiple grievances against CAC. The reason: they’re too busy? We’re not quite sure – we’ve always treated them in a professional and friendly manner.

Happy collecting!

John Albanese

Note: This change will affect all submissions postmarked on March 1, 2022, and after. Coins under the $10,000 threshold may still be submitted on the $35 tier forms
during this time.

* * *

CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation)CAC was established in 2007 in Far Hills, New Jersey, by John Albanese, a longtime coin expert with more than 40 years in the numismatic industry. A co-founder of PCGS in 1986 and founder of NGC in 1987, Albanese has unparalleled experience in the grading of rare coins and began CAC in an effort to formally recognize the marketplace’s top-quality coins. CAC awards green bean-shaped stickers to coins that represent the top of their grade and furnishes gold “beans” to coins that would grade at least one point higher.

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