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Canada’s First Cents Up For Auction

On May 31, 2012, Geoffrey Bell Auctions will offer three 154 year old examples of Canada’s first cent coin from 1858. The best example of the three up for auction is in uncirculated condition and graded by ICCS as Lustrous Brown Mint State – 62.

This coin is expected to fetch $800-$900 when it hits the auction block at the Toronto Reference Library in conjunction with the Toronto Coin Expo.

Canada’s first cent coin was struck in 1858 and featured Queen Victoria on the obverse, and “One Cent 1858”, surrounded by a vine circle of maple leaves, on the reverse. The first Canadian cents were minted in London, England by the Royal Mint, and shipped to the Province of Canada (Ontario and Quebec).

Leonard C. Wyon was the master engraver and designer of the coins, which were struck in a bronze alloy containing 95% copper, 4% tin and 1% zinc, with a total mintage of 421,000 in 1858. The cent was exactly one inch in diameter, and 100 of them weighed one pound, so they were handy for measurements when no other instruments were available.

The Canadian cent has cease production in Canada in May 2012, marking the end of 154 years of Canadian tradition. This an opportunity to own a piece of Canada’s coinage history with the first production 1858 one cent coin. The sale is open to the general public and is also available online. For further information please visit www.torontocoinexpo.ca, Toronto Coin Expo, Canada’s Coin and Bank Note Show and Auction.

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