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Celebrate Christmas in Style with Silver Bullion

While silver bullion is available annually in a wide range of types and designs that are familiar, such as American Silver Eagle coins or PAMP Suisse silver bars, there are also precious metals released each year with seasonal themes. Among the most beautiful options are those silver Christmas products released by private mints. With distinctive designs celebrating the holiday season, Christmas silver is the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season. This year, new designs are available alongside some returning designs to offer something for everyone on your gift list. Below is an overview of some of the many Christmas-themed silver items in stock and upcoming from JM Bullion.

Christmas Silver Bars

Among the new options, you will find in our 2020 Christmas silver range are new silver bar designs. There are two distinctive silver bar designs available within our latest collection, with those designs representing both secular and religious celebrations of the Christmas season. Both bars are 1 oz silver bars with .999 pure silver content. The bars have a shared reverse design element that is purposely left blank by SilverTowne, the private mint behind the production of the bars. The central design field is left blank to accommodate custom design requests, but there are inscriptions on this face of the weight, purity, and metal content with an ornamental wreath frame on either side of the horizontally-arranged reverse design field.

While the reverse fields are the same, the obverse designs vary and include the following options:

  • Merry Christmas Silver Bar: The Merry Christmas design is a jovial one celebrating Santa Claus’ arrival during the holiday season. Whether you call him Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Ole Saint Nick, or one of his many other nicknames, Santa is shown here in his well-known Christmas suit with large, fluffy trim and his warm winter hat. Santa has a sack full of gifts slung over his shoulder and has already left some behind, with a small puppy even featured in the design field with a bow around its collar.
  • Star to Bethlehem Silver Bar: From secular to religious, the design of the Star to Bethlehem bar captures the Biblical tales from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. These gospels speak of Mary and Joseph’s trek to Bethlehem to participate in a Roman census. Turned out by all the inns of the town, Mary and Joseph settle down in a barn for the night. It is in this humble setting that Jesus Christ is born. The obverse design of these silver bars captures a scene outside of town as the Star of Bethlehem reigns supreme in the clear night sky. It was this star that drew in shepherds from the hills around Bethlehem and guided the Magi to the town to witness the birth of Christ.

Christmas Silver Rounds

As an alternative to the silver bars mentioned above, you can get slightly smaller 1 oz silver rounds with Christmas themes as the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your gift-giving list. Like the silver bars, these silver rounds have 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and share a common reverse design. The reverse side of each one of the Christmas silver rounds has a blank central field with a beaded border around it. The outer rim of the design field includes Christmas-themed elements. In addition to inscriptions of the weight, purity, and metal content, the rounds have a date mark of “2020” and a Christmas greeting of “Best Wishes For Peace And Joy This Holiday Season.” You will also find three reindeer at the bottom on either side of the date mark.

When it comes to the specific obverse designs, you will find three different options available this Christmas season that include:

  • Merry Christmas Santa Silver Round: The best way to celebrate the Christmas season this year is with this beautiful round. In the obverse design, Santa Claus is shown wearing his classic red-and-white ensemble (not colorized) with his big belt buckle, boots, and winter cap. He has a dog and a cat seated at his feet in this design, while he holds an American flagpole in his hand. There is a Christmas greeting and the date mark for the design.
  • Merry Christmas Snowman Silver Round: This silver round captures the image of one of the most ubiquitous figures during the winter season. Though not specifically associated with Christmas, snowmen are a popular design element throughout the holiday season. In this particular design, a snowman wearing a top hat and scarf works with the help of a small stuffed bear to decorate a humble little pine tree. As the two get to work, a light snowfall falls throughout the design element.
  • Christmas Village Silver Round: Perhaps the most detailed design in the 2020 Christmas-themed silver collection. The Christmas Village round captures the idyllic scene of a snow-covered village preparing to celebrate the Christmas season. There is a frozen pond near the village that includes two ice skaters. In the distant background field on the horizon, there are deer standing along the crest of a small hill. A man is walking through the main street of the village with a small pine tree in tow to decorate his home. Just outside the large church in the center of town, a group of carolers gathers around the town’s main Christmas tree that has been decorated for the season.

Colorized Christmas Silver Rounds

While the aforementioned silver bars and silver rounds are new to the 2020 range of Christmas silver at JM Bullion, we also have some classic designs in stock again this year in the form of colorized silver rounds. There are some unique features to these four possible designs. In addition to the colorized obverse fields, you will find that each one of the rounds is individually housed in a protective plastic capsule. The round and its capsule ship inside of red or blue velvet pouches with a drawstring enclosure. Notably, the rounds that ship in blue pouches have a blue design rim on both sides of the rounds, while the rounds in red pouches have red design rims on both sides.

Arguably the most enjoyable part of these releases is the loop built into the capsule that houses each silver round. With a ribbon, hook, or simple string (not included), you can hang these beautiful rounds in your Christmas tree during the holiday season. So, what designs are available? We have the following designs:

  • Nutcracker: the colorized field features common nutcracker figures of a toy soldier and a ballerina standing next to one another against a light-blue field with a few fluffy snowflakes and white design balls in the background.
  • Happy Holidays Wreath: a secular design features on this round with an ornate holiday wreath featured along with a greeting of “Happy Holidays.” The design includes a light-blue background with a white wreath that delivers bursts of color in green holly leaves and red holly berries.
  • Baby Jesus Manger: this classic design captures the night of Christ’s birth. With a white-out field in the foreground, you can see the silhouette of Joseph and Mary in the barn as baby Jesus rests in the manger. The background field captures the deep purples, blues, and black of a night sky as the Star of Bethlehem rises in the sky above.
  • Seasons Greetings: another secular design, this colorized field offers dark blues and bright whites. The background field is a dark blue, while the design elements showcase the words “Season’s Greetings” with reindeer on either side.

Colorized Somalia Christmas Elephant

One of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins now has a Christmas option for collectors. The impressive 2021 1 oz Somalia Christmas Silver Elephant Coin not only has colorization on the reverse field depicting the African bush elephant with a Santa hat and candy cane, but it also comes housed inside of an impressive snowglobe for the perfect holiday display.

Why Christmas Silver?

If you are looking for great gifts for the silver lover in your family or simply want stocking stuffers. Seasonal designs like these not only make great gifts this year, but can be memorable keepsakes for years to come.

Make Gift Giving Easy this Year with Christmas Silver from JM Bullion

Our Christmas-themed silver is now in stock or available for presale, but once these designs are gone this year, we will not get more in stock before Christmas. Don’t hesitate to act now and get your Christmas silver while it’s still available. If you have questions, please feel free to call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and read our weekly blog posts for regular updates.

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