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Certified Assets Management Int. (CAMI) to Hold Webinar on New Hard Asset Collateral Lending Program Sept 13th

Date: September 13th
Time: 2pm EST

Attendees: Robert L. Higgins and Alberto Washington from CAM International.
Bill Humphrey CEO of New Direction IRA

Trading certified numismatic rare coins has been done for decades; however, the investment community has not been aware of the demonstrated returns of this asset class.

The Rare Coin Market has grown from being a collector dominated market in years past into a dynamic mix of collectors and investors who understand the value and security of Hard Assets.

This new market shift is allowing investors to hold a significant part of their net-worth in a recognized valuable and tangible asset class for both financial security and long term appreciation.

However hard asset portfolios have always faced unique liquidity issues, that until now have been an obstacle for some. Cam International has created a solution to address these concerns and provides a new vehicle to increase liquidity by offering a new hard asset collateral lending vehicle and a Fixed Term Note program to unlock the potential of investors assets and to provide investors with a way to earn a 5.25% coupon on hard asset collateralized loans.

On August 3rd at 2PM EST, CAMI co-presidents Robert Higgins and Alberto Washington will be presenting a full rundown of the New Hard Asset Collateral Lending Program. They will provide details on its use and structure, explain how Hard Assets Management and liquidity can be enhanced, and will be available to answer any and all questions concerning the program. Bill Humphrey, CEO of New Direction IRA (a trusted provider of investor education and recordkeeping services for IRAs, www.NewDirectionIRA.com) will explain how self-directed IRAs and other tax advantaged plans can invest in the program as well as the investment process. Bill will also be available to answer questions related to IRAs and the rules as they relate to investments.

You are invited to reserve a place in the webinar by filling out a reservation form at

NOTE: Respondants will be emailed reminders and instructions on attending the webinar and be provided with support material for your review.

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to discuss hard assets and how to unlock liquidity in hard assets investments and/or who you can participate in both the Collateral lending program and the Fixed Term Note program.

About Certified Assets Management International

A Leading numismatic trading firm founded in 2001 by Robert L. Higgins, CAM-International has over 60 years of combined professional experience trading numismatic and physical precious metals with a proven track record for the State of Ohio Pension Fund returning over 50% per year for 3 consecutive years in their Rare Coins Fund program.

In 2011, the company brought professional investment management to the numismatic and precious metals world by merging with an experienced quantitative hedge fund manager, Alberto Washington.

CAM-International now offers several Rare Coins Trading Funds and the new New Hard Asset Collateral Lending Program.

All bullion and numismatic assets are stored in segregated storage at an independent, highly-secured depository corporation (First State Depository LLC), whose assets are insured 100% by Lloyds of London.

ROBERT L. HIGGINS – Co-President and Chief Numismatic Officer
Robert L. Higgins has administered both the Rare Coin Enterprises and Rare Coin Alliance, LTD. rare coin funds before founding Certified Assets Management in 2001. He has over 30 years experience administering the daily buying and selling of rare coins and precious metals. He is life member of the American Numismatic Association

ALBERTO WASHINGTON – Co-President and Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Washington has been involved in the numismatic world for nearly two decades and has an intimate knowledge of this market. He spent ten years working in the asset management industry and served as Director of UBS Private Wealth Management group and VP of AQR Capital Management. Mr. Washington has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School and a MS in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

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